Benheck Podcast Episode 44

We were going to discuss Egypt and Space, but after talking about Grand Theft Auto for a good chunk of it and then someone bringing up The Mummy we latched into a 30 minute long discussion about Steven Spielberg films, with a good chunk of it devoted to his much-maligned (but secretly awesome) movie A.I.

I guess it’s topical, considering Indy 4 is coming out tomorrow, so maybe we’ll hit up Egypt and Space next time. Enjoy the rambling…

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14 thoughts on “Benheck Podcast Episode 44”

  1. when you guys speak,
    you have no emphasis in your words.. found it kinda boring and slow

  2. Adam:

    when you type,
    you have no caps in your sentences.. found it kinda sloppy and lazy

    I can hardly wait for The King’s and Queen’s of Karaoke!!!

  3. rockasoo:

    ”you have no caps in your sentences.. found it kinda sloppy and lazy”

    Get a life you social retard.
    life doesn’t revolve around the internet.
    stop hiding behind your computer screen and go out.
    im sure its sunny where you live.

  4. @Adam

    You have a point. For whatever reason I just wasn’t into it this time. I even kind of noticed that while we were recording. LOL

    Hopefully it will be better next time.

  5. Good podcast, but “Last Crusade” was clearly the greatest. It had Sean Connery, the best action, Indy’s name revealed, and Hitler signing his own autograph. Also, it wasn’t believable for a knight to be centuries old, but neither was the wrath of god wiping out a bunch of Germans, or a guy’s heart being ripped out in a ritual.

    Looking forward to hearing what you guys have to say about the new one. I thought it was pretty damn worthy of the series.

  6. I laughed at the macarena thing too. Anyways, decent podcast, but still looking forward to an Egypt/Space one at some point! Cheers for intending to at the start, at least.

  7. ok that is it….
    i can’t listen to your podcast anymore. Last crusade was the best Indy movie, and A.I. is the worst show ever.

    I am out…

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