Benheck podcast episode 45

Once again we planned to do a podcast about Egypt and space… this time we got about halfway there at least. We probably would have had time for a space discussion had we not gotten off-topic about six billion times while talking about Egypt… sorry!

Some tangents we go off on – like talking about the Mummy movies, union pyramid builders or Moses – are understandable and somewhat related, but how we segue Egypt to Carrie Underwood, Tom Cruise and Michael Jackson’s nose are beyond mortal comprehension. But we found the way.

The podcast ends with us discussing The Fifth Element for a while, so yeah, basically it’s all over the map but should be enjoyable! Also I hope to get intros back on the front of the podcasts but Possumus Man 2: Possumus Woman might eat into my “creative time”.

Listen to Podcast Episode 45

2 thoughts on “Benheck podcast episode 45”

  1. I laughed when heard one of you guys knock on the table when talking about the difficulty of Possumus Man 2. Funny stuff.

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