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  1. Also, the Lost stuff was great. It’s nice to hear a tongue-in-cheek Lost discussion rather than the “OMG When Locke did this he was referencing this from this season and then…” psycho-fan stuff other people do. Maybe you could do some more Lost segments in the future? But perhaps keep them at the end for people who have no interest in Lost, or haven’t watched it yet and don’t want spoilers. Just a thought.

  2. I have to agree with Ben. I’m really getting sick of this gen’s consoles. The games are still coming, but there’s much more that could be…

    I literally can’t believe that Sony made that motion crap. I suppose all the companies need to have their shitty accessories. But I still stand by my prediction that Nintendo’s next console will be a vast improvement over the Wii. I don’t know about MS though, and I’m a bit worried about what little Sony can even do. They might just release an overclocked cell processor :p.

  3. While I wouldn’t have a problem with new consoles coming to market (new hardware is always cool). I really don’t see the point as of right now. All 3 systems are selling well and probably will for the foreseeable future. As I see it, here are the most likely candidates for new systems in order of who needs one the soonest.

    1. Nintendo – At some point (probably when Move and Natal come out with some good games) Wii sales were start to drop off and they will finally acknowledge that they need an HD version of their system. Until then they’ll stand pat because they have no reason to change what they’re doing. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Wii HD in stores Holiday 2011.

    2. Microsoft – The 360 is starting to show its age and really needs to ditch DVD as its format. More and more games are coming out that are requiring multiple discs (Forza 3, Mass Effect 2, Final Fantasy XIII, etc.) that going to a Blu-ray drive seems like the next logical move. MS seems to be of the opinion that digital downloads are the future, but I don’t see that being the case when there are games clocking in over 30GB’s and many people still don’t have high-speed internet. Also, a bump in video memory would be a no brainer as well.

    3. Sony – About the only thing the PS3 could use is more video memory. I really don’t see anything else about it that couldn’t be improved through software updates. Its biggest and best games have come out in the last year or are coming out now. Developers are only now starting to explore what the PS3 is truly capable of. I don’t imagine we’ll see a PS4 anytime soon. Probably at least 3 years away as there is really no need for them to change as they are just starting to hurt their stride now.

    This will be a longer console cycle simply because these consoles are capable of doing so much more than their predecessors (well the 360 and PS3 anyway). Thanks to firmware updates they don’t stay static anymore. Features like Netflix streaming and the wide array of digital content were a gleam in the eye when these systems were launched, but are now readily available. Services like Xbox Live and the PSN are constantly improving. And the list goes on and on.

    As fans we’d love to see new hardware, because its fun and gives us something to talk about. For the businesses that make these systems, there just aren’t as many compelling reasons for them to upgrade as there were in the past.

  4. No, you’re right though, there’s surely no possibility for new hardware for at least a little while (except for Wii). The best hardware we’re getting is the Natal or Move… (which, for some, is good enough)

    Games and consoles have always improved as devs learned to utilize them properly, and with this new generation, the companies left more headroom for improvement. As usual, we just have to wait and see what happens next, as the game industry has proven to be somewhat unpredictable in the past. I’d say we’ve reached some kind of landmark, with the new Natal and Move, highly anticipated titles all around, capitalism at its finest.

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