Benheck Podcast the 25th

Almost a full year now! In this episode:

  • Games this fall we’re looking forward to,
  • “Videogame Cliches of the Ages”
  • Xbox 360 Price Drop and the “Magical Barriers” at which people buy consoles (and why inflation doesn’t seem to be taken into effect)

We also go through the Mascot Contest entries and pick a winner “live”. Well, sort of live.

“Rex”, the winning entry, by Gus Douboulidis.

Listen to Podcast Episode 25

You can see the rest of the entries by clicking below.


Mascot Contest Entries

Shown in the order we discuss them during the show.
















Thanks for all your entries!

13 thoughts on “Benheck Podcast the 25th”

  1. I think what happened daguuy was that our entries were just too good and that in actual fact Ben and Jones have stolen them and sold them off to different software houses. :D.

  2. You have caught on to our evil plan!?!?! MHWAAA HAAA HAAA!!!

    Nah, not really. These were the only ones I saw, so this is all I thought had been submitted.

    I would like to see a game involving Rex though. He looks like an interesting dude that I would like to know more about and could definitely see him as a franchise character if utilized properly.

    Now Bruce Campbell as a spokesman for the 360 is a great idea. He wouldn’t work too well as a mascot, but spokesman would be cool. I mean look at the work he did in those Old Spice commercials. Quality!

  3. Huh. The part that pissed me off is that mine was actually named “Rex” too, and the page loaded without images for like 3 seconds, just enough time for me to read that “Rex” won. then the images loaded, and I realized that it wasn’t mine. Then I looked to see all of the entries, and mine wasn’t there. 🙁 oh, well, I guess I’ll start saving my pennies for a headset.

  4. Yeah I actually really like the winning entry congrats to Gus!

    Those old spice adverts were pretty damn cool. Especially the “Hungry like the wolf” ones. The only reason I watch spiderman is for Bruces’ Cameos. I mean in number one he gives Spider-man his name, He’d be called the Human Spider if it wasnt for Bruce. In the second one he actually defeats Spider-man and in the third one he’s a French maître d’. I’m guessing in number four he’s a Taxi driver that just so happens to pick up Peter Parker and make him late in someway.

    I wonder if Sam Raimi will fall under Shia Labeoufs hypnotic spell and replace Tobey Maguire… Lets hope not.

  5. Shoot, I thought I had this with my X-BOT, the 3D robot second to last on the page. Ah well, cool entries guys.

  6. I really liked x-bot. Does he have a comic? It looks like he has a little megaman arm cannon going on. I’m sure Microsoft’d sue the living crap out of you for having an x-bot comic though……. but I think it’d be entertaining…….

    bzzzzmmmmmmmm. i am xbot… bzzzmmmmmmm. my fans are really loud…. bzzzzzmmmmmm you will be bzzzzzmmmmmmmm assimilated…. bzzzzmmmmmmm

  7. It wasn’t a receipt. It was memo paper. The highest of quality. My artistic vision was to create it without actually getting out of my chair for materials. As such the salamander whose name I forget… is the finest IP ever made.

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