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Our new podcast is going to be delayed a few days by the Basement of Jones (as in he needs to work on it) so the deadline for the mascot contest is pushed back as well. Basically, when the new podcast goes up, the contest is over. So you’ve still time to get entries in. Sketches are fine but the better the art, the better your chances!

Hi kids! If you see me, you're screwed!
Again, an example of what NOT to enter, unless it’s really funny of course.

In other news, sorry about the lack of updates, I’m working on a lot of stuff but none of it is finished yet. Naturally you can hang around the forums or the wiki, so hopefully this site isn’t completely boring.

7 thoughts on “Mascot Contest”

  1. Who the hell does this “Jones” guy think he is..? Who cares about his basement; way to throw a wrench in things. 😉

  2. Yes, I was going to submit ‘Joe Six Pack’ for the fun of it but there were a few reasons which stopped me:

    A)I presume many people will do this, at least the podcast listeners, meaning I like to keep original.
    B)Even by ridiculous chance the entry did win I don’t really need the prize even though I would like a signature. =P
    C) I can’t draw well.
    D)The ROL is obviously the best mascot for the Xbox’s future… XD Not really.

  3. Hey i just read your article about making the 360 laptop and i wanted to know so much, and what all are you selling?Also how long do we have for entering a mascot.

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