Podcast #48

We’re back at last! In this episode we talk about the reason for the dearth of podcasts lately, namely the filming of Possumus Man 2: Possumus Woman (drinking game: swig every time Jones reminds me to simply call it “Possumus Woman”)

Includes some sneak-peak (or rather sneak-listen) insight into the process and commentary on indy filmmaking in general. We also discuss Xbox Live Achievements, which games are super-stingy with them, which are ridiculously easy and those that simply dole them out as you go along without requiring any magical super-jumping abilities.

Finally we talk about Braid, which, while a bit pricey (kind of like my products) is still worth checking out on Xbox Live Arcade.

Enjoy, and hopefully we’ll get back to having intros again soon!

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14 thoughts on “ Podcast #48”

  1. Ahhh… the Ben Heck Podcast. Like hanging out in the living room with two dorks.


    Like hanging out in my living room with my friends on a Friday night.

    I’ve not really been interested in this whole Possumus Woman thing, but this hour long “commercial” actually got me sorta hyped up. I’m downloading the first one right now.

    Another great podcast Ben, and Jones. You both rock.

    (wouldn’t it have been easier to just tell Jones not to make growling sounds during filming, and then even if you end up having him do the loop later, you wouldn’t have to worry about doing tons of foley work just to get the ambient sounds right? Oh well. Hindsights a bitch, eh?)

  2. So is Jones really divorced?? Its quite a surprise to me from what I always heard in the Podcasts, he always seemed to be happily married in those. In any case just wondering if it was true or a joke…

  3. LOL.

    I like the idea of layered audio over the growling. I think since you already have the growling laid down, and pulling just the growling out would be so hard, maybe take advantage of it. Loop it over multiple times, and lay them on top of each other.

    I mean… it is a radioactive Possumus Woman… why not, right?

  4. Just watched Possumus Man Colon The First, and totally loved it.

    “I know!”

    But… I was sorta confused. The lake really was polluted with toxic waste, but that had nothing to do with the Possumus Man? It was all just the neighboring resort owner who created a possumus robot?

    Totally awesome… awesome because it made no sense.

    I’d be happy if Possumus Man Two Colon Possumus Woman was just as “good” as the first”.

  5. @Squeezebox

    Sadly, it is true. Kind of one of those things you don’t see coming. But it is what it is and I can finally start to move on now. If you noticed I was a bit “off” in many of the podcasts earlier this year that was probably the reason. Filming Possumus Woman has definitely helped take my mind off it though!


    I think layering the audio for the growling will work pretty well. We’ll have to do some tests and see how it goes. Hopefully Ben doesn’t make me (or Meagan the ex-con woman) drink whiskey and smoke cigarettes for months on end in order to get the proper effect a la William Fincher’s approach with Mercedes McCambridge in The Exorcist. LOL

    Glad you enjoyed the first one. It was the first film Ben made and obviously he has learned a lot since then. I think it is safe to say that Part Deux will be leaps and bounds beyond the original, although it retains the original’s zest for absurdity (which is a good thing). 🙂

  6. Dude. Jones. My next drink goes out to you “buddy” (I don’t actually know you, and I know you don’t drink, but I know you hang out with drinkers, and will appreciate the gesture).

    You can’t see Ben forcing some poor woman to smoke and drink herself stupid for his art?

    Not much of an artist then!

    Jones: We all appreciate everything you do (for absolutely no recompense) for the rest of us. You’re great in the podcasts, and we can’t wait to see you in Possumus Man Two Colon Possumus Woman (I think you either need to just drop it to “Possumus Woman”, or spell out everything, including “two” and “colon” on all your paraphernalia).

  7. Sorry to hear about the divorce dude.

    hossrex will drink out to you

    and I, I will fire a weapon…the next 6 rounds (full supply) of .44 magnum ammo I fire will be for you sir!

    As for possumus paraphernalia….I wouldn’t mind having a possumus shirt or two! 🙂

  8. Idea for next podcast:
    Have listeners send you questions via email and you answer them.

    Sample discussion:

    Ben: “Okay, the first letter is from 1337man69. He writes, ‘H3y ben plzzzzzzzzzzz bu1ld m3 a xb0x 36o lapt0p!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’…..No.”

    Jones: “…”

    Ben: “This one is from kewldude123. It says, ‘Hey Ben Heckendude hows it goin man? So i wuz wonderin wether you could like build me an xbox 360 laptop or sumthin like that ill give you like $20 for it or maybee higher if its really good an stuff so just email me back about when itll be done ok see ya.’

    Ben: “…No!”

    Jones: “This one is addressed to me, from Sexdrugsonline. They say, ‘Lacking in a certain area lately? Tired of not having “it”? Just click here and you can make all your problems go away with Super Viagra ™. Works better then the regular stuff! Don’t believe me? Just click here to try a free* sample sample today!

    PS: Tell ben to make me an Xbox 360 laptop!

    *of actual value'”

    Ben and Jones: “NO!!!!!!”

    On secind thought, maybe it wouldn’t be such a good idea.

  9. Actually I quite enjoy torturing other people for movies. RE smoking and drinking, this is why I had Mike Adsit do all the growling for “Lizard of Death” because he smokes more than everyone else I know put together.

    We’ve done listener mailbag questions before, perhaps I will take some for the next podcast.


  10. Thanks to hossrex for the having the drink on my behalf and MMX for firing off 6 rounds for me. 🙂

    As far as possumus paraphernalia is concerned… We keep talking about making shirts that say “Its a possum movie…” on them. Hasn’t happened yet, but maybe someday.

    And yes, Ben does enjoy torturing the people who take part in his movies on occasion. LOL That’s just part of how movies are made though. Sometimes a little pain and blood is what is required to make the scene good. 🙂

    With regards to the “Possumus Man 2: Possumus Woman” or just “Possumus Woman” debate, I am firmly entrenched in the “Possumus Woman” camp. Its kind of like Die Hard and Die Hard 2. DH2 should have just been called Die Harder, but instead they called it “Die Hard 2: Die Harder”. Lame!

    I think Ben is pretty well convinced on just going with “Possumus Woman” now. We even have a great way to splash the title on the screen (this may have been discussed in the podcast). Should be a good time. Hopefully we wrap principal photography this upcoming Monday!

  11. Filming was a blast although it sounds like, from the podcast, that my scene is being cut. That’s a bummer.

    I can’t wait to see the final product. Are you going to do a premiere party so everyone can come and see it together?

  12. Hey Ben, according to the Port Washington website…

    ” As Ryan flips through channels several audio clips from past Ben Heckendorn films can be heard. Plus a bunch of made up stuff.”

    I’ve identified Lizard of Death, and finally Possumus Man (since you released it after PW). Are all the rest made up? Or are there more movies that you’re hiding from us???

  13. Whats going on guys!!!! Podcasts are great… it would be awesome though to have a podcast about space and egypt…that would be fantastic actually it would be like cold budweiser beer after a long day with the girlfriends parents….. Also heres an idea… might be kinda crazy but what if and just strictly what if… i think it would be awesome to have like people join in on the podcast like fans… just a thought….might be kinda cool…

    the 64bitdinosaur

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