Podcast Episode 19

Again, sorry for the delay. One of these weeks I’ll get back releasing podcasts on a Wednesday! The fates have simply been against it lately.

In this episode we talk about society’s love affair and dependence on cell phones, gaming news items, Spider-Man 3 and then do a listener mailbag, with slightly better answers than usual. We also plan a Vista re-visist, probably in the next podcast. Enjoy…

Disclaimer: This episode contains more profanity than usual, both during the main content and intro. Not recommended for younger listeners. – official site

Direct download link to Episode 19

(You’re the new Minesweeper!)

4 thoughts on “ Podcast Episode 19”

  1. Hey! Thanks for answering both my questions Ben and Jason!

    If you hadn’t guessed mine were the last too!

    Read Bruce Campbells second book, It’s a very funny novel. Also get Dale to appear on the podcast once and a while as a special guest or something.


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