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  1. And you know what the worst part of it is, Ben? People keep buying all this crap. People are perfectly willing to settle for mediocrity. It’s like the worse the entertainment industry gets, the more consumers eat it up.

    And I don’t get it.

  2. I think Operation:Anchorage was worth the money. The biggest problem I have with open world RPGs like Elder Scrolls, Fallout 3, and Fable is starting the game over again with a weak character. With OA I can run straight to the simulator and skip the first 5-6 levels. Then after the simulation is over I get enough money from selling the loot and can buy enough weapons and ammo to actually start exploring rather then running away from every enemy and pawning every item I come across.

  3. @Brandon: That’s certainly a novel use of the DLC. I wonder if O:A would have been better received if Bethesda had pointed out its utility as a quasi-power leveler at launch. Unless you tag Small Guns during character creation, Fallout 3’s early game can be tedious if you want to push through the first act (up to, say GNR) quickly. Your post has put me in two minds about not buying Anchorage for a second playthrough. Any thoughts on The Pitt?

  4. I think Police Academy 6 was the movie with the property value plot – the gang was trying to increase criminal activity in the area so that the property value would go down and they could buy it all.

    Robocop 3 might have had something similar too – something about getting people out of their homes so that they could build on the land. (I don’t remember, that film was terrible).

  5. So, does this mean that the BenHeck.com podcast is back on track? Or are you guys going to postpone the next one for another couple of months and blame it all on the SWINE FLU?

  6. @Bic

    There are all kinds of excellent comedies these days. Role Models, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, 40 Year Old Virgin, Tropic Thunder, Knocked Up, etc. Plus, there is some great stuff on TV too: How I Met Your Mother, The Office, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and East Bound & Down (which features a reoccurring role from Will Ferrell as the prick owner of a luxury car dealership).

    Granted, Will has made a few turds along the way but he is generally amusing in stuff like Anchorman and Old School. Hell, I even enjoyed Blades of Glory. I didn’t care for Semi-Pro though and thought Talladega Nights falt out sucked. So I guess you could say he’s pretty hit or miss in my book.

    He was excellent in Stranger Than Fiction. Definitely proved that he can deliver the goods if someone gives him a chance to branch out beyond the comedic realm…

  7. @Hugh

    Without divulging too much information on the plot of The Pitt it’s pretty much an extension of OA. To test it out I started a character and played through both DLCs back to back. The Pitt took a little more effort but I managed to complete it and now I’m a high enough level to explore the wasteland freely, plus The Pitt has a machine in it that pretty much assures I will never run out of the right type of ammo.

  8. You guys were talking about a superhero movie about an average guy trying to be a superhero. Check out the movie Hero At Large. It’s an 80s movie starring John Ritter. It’s not exactly what you’re looking for (he takes on the identity of a fictional comic book/movie superhero that is popular at the time). But in general you should check it out. It’s not awesome, but it’s decent.

  9. Also, to Ben, you mentioned something about a mob boss trying to cause crime to bring down property values. You’re likely thinking of GTA3 and/or Vice City. In GTA3 it was Donald Love, and in Vice City it was.. I forget his name. The cowboy guy.

  10. I like the show the Big Bang Theory, it’s hilarious, you know all of Cbs monday night comedy night is, now if they’d just get it on Hulu.com

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