Podcast Episode 63

We’re still here after 62 podcasts with #63! Granted we don’t always get them out as regular as we used to, but hey, they keep coming don’t they?

In this podcast we discuss the Zune HD versus iPod Touch, Zune Marketplace versus iTunes, Uncharted 2 and Jones’ foray into the amazing experience of Fallout 3. As always, enjoy! (Or not, your choice)

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Addendum to podcast: Having beaten Uncharted 2 now I’d say it is worth the praise heaped upon it. While the variety of enemies remained lame throughout, the ingenuity and scope of the setpieces is amazing and puts all other action games to shame. Also the storytelling, motion capture and cutscene voice acting is top notch and I really cared about the outcome of the characters.

Ever see the under-appreciated Disney movie “Atlantis”? Well the second half of Uncharted 2 is basically like that movie but in the snow. (That’s meant as a compliment by the way) It’s a great game and one every PS3 owner should seek out. Sony may not have as many exclusives as it once did, but the ones they do have are excellent and more interesting – to me at least – than the exclusive titles seen on the Xbox.

6 thoughts on “ Podcast Episode 63”

  1. Yeah, but with arms he could actually TOUCH the boobs, rather than just looking at them. Silly Loc-Nar.

  2. Have you watched the bonus videos on Uncharted 2? One of the game designers said they are pretty much using 100% of the PS3’s power to run that game. I sincerely hope not. I would expect much more from the PS3 in every way. The PS3 was heavily hyped as being vastly superior to the other consoles on the market, but graphics wise there isn’t much of a difference between the PS3 and the 360. Blu-Ray is nice, and the ability of changing the hard drive is very nice, but the Cell broadband chip/engine is supposed to be vastly superior to the PowerPC chips in the 360. Why is it that the machine isn’t graphically superior on my television to what I see in 360 games? Is it my TV? I don’t know, but I hope to see vastly superior graphics in the newer games coming out soon. God of War 3 looks graphically superior to Uncharted 2, how can that be if it’s using 100% of the PS3’s capabilities?

  3. I’m sure they’ll squeeze more out of the PS3 past what Uncharted 2 did, but I thought it was probably the best looking game I’ve ever seen, isn’t that enough?

  4. Yeah, Uncharted 2 is superb graphically, the xbox couldn’t dream of doing better… If you’re not impressed, or you’ve spent too much time gaming with PCs, then you’ll just have to wait for next gen. (or you’re… uneducated? in 3d graphics)

    And plus, performance depends greatly upon the engine and coding of every game, like how later games on a console are far superior performance-wise (better graphics) to launch titles on that same console.

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