Podcast Episode 71 MGC Edition

Recorded live from the Midwest Gaming Classic , it’s the podcast with special guest Dale Nauertz!

Listen and be amazed as we discuss:

1) The “Best Actress Curse” and the hotness of Sandra Bullock.

2) L-shaped bedsheets and the plot of the never-going-to-happen Port Washington 2, plus what we’re planning for the going-to-happen Possumus Man 3 in 2021.

3) The 3D “movie tax” and the death of documentaries in IMAX.

And much, much more…

Listen to Podcast Episode 71

16 thoughts on “ Podcast Episode 71 MGC Edition”

  1. First of all, it’s about freakin’ time you had Dale on the show, since getting a Fistful podcast is rare these days. Dale is, of course, an entertainment machine certainly to be reckoned with. He is, after all, the man who completely stole the show in Possumus Woman. And in that respect, I guess I can kind of understand why it’s perhaps taken so long to get him on the show, since it would immediately become the Dale Nauertz Podcast if you had him on regularly. Wouldn’t want THAT to happen!

    Also, I was a bit surprised to see episode 71 pop up on the RSS feed, since it doesn’t seem to have acknowledged episode 70. But the way I see it, I get to listen to two episodes for the price of one. It’s just a shame that only one of them has Dale Nauertz.

  2. Will Possomus Man 3 be “Possumus Man III: Son of Possomus Man” or “Possomus Man vs Mechapossumus Man”?

  3. I think a Port Washington spinoff movie with Ben’s and Jones’ characters getting up to more fun hi-jinks would be good. Would you ever consider that rather than a true sequel?

  4. Alright. Dale is awesome. He truly has a great “radio voice”.

    How about… quote Possumus Man 3 colon Live Free or Die Possumus period unquote

  5. Ben enjoys being behind the camera far more than being in front of it. In other words whatever we do next will more than likely only feature Ben in a small role. So a Port Washington spin-off (awesome as it would be) is probably not in the cards.

    We’re always batting ideas around though. Whatever we come up with, it will certainly be something!

  6. Please….I NEED Port Washington 2-The quest for moar booty. Seriously, someone should start some kind of bounty…I would totally put some cash in on it.

  7. We were discussing this yesterday. It’s:

    Possumus Men (2021)

    Planet of the Possums (2034)

    Possums in Space (2047)

  8. You should film them in 3D… but not like the Avatar 3D… the really crappy (yet AWESOME) retro 3D with the red/blue glasses!

  9. …and there should be lots of scenes of the possum running at the camera, plus lots of other scenes where things get ridiculously close to the camera for no apparent reason other than to be in 3D.

    Those are the best.

  10. Off topic.

    Did that person ever…create that portable dreamcast and if so…canI get the how-to?

  11. Gotta love that 13 year cycle Ben is aiming at for the release of the Possumus movies. With nearly 10 more years before the release of the next sequel, can we expect to see some really good CGI? Like the kind in “Adventurous!”? lol


  12. Expect the expected!

    Oh, and in case I didn’t get my point across in the podcast… Sandra Bullock is Hot! 🙂

  13. Jones said: “Sandra Bullock is Hot! :)”

    The whole time this Jessie James thing was going on, I just kept thinking “wow… HIM?”

    I mean… what did she expect?

  14. I agree 100%. The first season of Prison Break was among some of my favorite material that comes out of television these days. The second season was okay, but it all went downhill after that. Needless to say, I watched the rest of it, but the whole time I was wishing they didn’t push it so far.
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