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New Podcast – Episode 8

OK our latest podcast is up and ready for download! Use the link below…

For this outing we discuss the possible evils of online gaming, advertising in games and the ever-confusing world of legal movie downloads, specifically, do people want to buy movies to watch on their computers? We look at prices and discuss the feasibility. Plus some Wii/PS3 launch post-mortem.

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Benheck.Com Podcast – Episode 8

Action packed weekend of excitement / new podcast

I’m working on a whole gaggle of things for my readers this weekend, they shall appear below as they become available. Enjoy! Podcast Episode 7 – We Try To Buy a Wii
Sunday the 19th

After doubting it for the last few months we decided to go out and buy a Wii for ourselves on launch day. Nintendo – impress us! We really want to check the thing out, I mean, there’s no kiosks to be found around Madison.

Follow our progress as we fight the Wii hoards trying to get a console to test… The audio for the first 10 minutes or so isn’t so hot as we recorded it in the car, while driving, on a PDA.

Also in the podcast Jones also gives his opinions on Gears of War, I review my recently purchased DS Lite and we discuss backwards compatibility.

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Benheck.Com Podcast – Episode 7: Wii Day

ADDED- I have only been playing GBA Castlevanias on my DS thus far (waiting for DS Portrait of Ruin!) so the “lid closing pause” must be for DS specific games and not GBA ones. Believe me it was the first thing I tried.

How-To Breach Nintendo Security Screws
Saturday the 18th

My latest How-To is up on Engadget – it covers removing those darn pesky Nintendo security screws. How timely, eh? Check it out here!

PS3 First Impressions
Thursday the 16th

While looking for a Wii kiosk the other day (to no avail) I did find a couple PS3 demo units. Granted I am not a Wii fanboy but since it’s something new I want to try it out. PS3, well, we all pretty much know what to expect.

Anyway the PS3… I don’t really like the new curved R2 and L2 buttons… Or the controller at all for that matter. OK the batwing thing sucked but come on – that doesn’t mean you have to tuck tail and stick with a design that’s been around since the Spice Girls were still on the radio. Maybe Sony used up all their balls restarting Bond, loosing $250 per PS3 and spending $300 million on the new Spider-Man.

Speaking of the new Bond movie, it’s good but borders on science fiction during a scene in which Daniel Craig uses a recordable Blu-Ray player – apparently “Bond Begins” in the future. But to be honest, that’s not quite as ridiculous as movies suggesting everyone in the world uses a Mac. Zinger.

Back to PS3… The games looked no better than an Xbox 360 title. The basketball game actually looked worse. The load times were noticeable, a bit longer than a 360.

I don’t like these short Blu-Ray / HD-DVD boxes, they look cheap. But aren’t.

No PlayStation system has ever really had mind-blowing “must buy this now!” games at launch, but I’d reckon by this time next year they’ll be some games that make the system worthwhile. Regardless, I have never bought a system any sooner than 2 years after its launch, so I am very cautious in this department. (In case you’re wondering the systems I bought the fastest were the Genesis and Nintendo 64.)

Coming Soon…

While it might seem like I haven’t been doing anything lately that’s not exactly true – I’m doing all sorts of stuff, but of course I can’t post anything before it’s done because that’s a sure-fire way to not finish it. You know how that goes.

I will say though that we have a special seventh episode of the podcast planned. It will come out a week from this Monday, so do the math (like the Jaguar) on what it probably involves. Jones will probably also throw in a Gears of War review since I think he’s pretty neck deep in that now.

In the meantime you can waste your lunch hours by hanging out in our forums or checking out some of our independent films. See you in a week or so! Podcast Episode 6

OK it’s finally done. Sometimes my rule of “a new intro for every podcast” comes back to haunt me, but even if it delays the release I think it’s worth it. At some point I may become too lazy to do this (or, more likely, my friends might lynch me) but until then, new intros per podcast! Yeah!

This episode we answer quite a few listener questions and discuss our Favorite Games of All Time. We then cover our picks for Most Overrated Games (that we’ve played) and finally talk about some of the worst games we’ve ever had the discomfort of seeing beam across our TV sets. Enjoy!

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Sparkling New Benheck.Com Podcast (Episode 6)

Podcast #6 Slightly More Delayed

I’ve been trying to finish podcasts every other Wednesday but that wasn’t the case today. Oh sure, the podcast itself is recorded and edited, but the all-important INTRO isn’t ready yet. The show can’t go on without it!

If all goes well it’ll be up by Saturday morning. Includes answers to listener questions! The next podcast will be more than 2 weeks away as well, since we’re recording it the weekend of and releasing just after the PS2/Wii launch.

Here’s Part 1 of an interview I did with to tide you over.


Ancient, crusty old copy of last Benheck.Com Podcast (Episode 5)

Arrr!!! Podcast Episode 5

Avast ye maties! The latest Podcast is now online, and we be tacklin’ the subject of Piracy! Why we think people do it, how it affects industries and the push by companies to provide legal alternatives, such as the Wii’s Virtual Console.

It’s a bit less organized than our other podcasts (I was too busy to fully develop an outline, sorry) but should be worth your time, if only to hear us rip on the quality of modern music. We also discuss ROMS, MAME and CDs versus MP3s on a hard drive, which will last longer and such.

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Latest Benheck.Com Podcast (Episode 5) Podcast Returns!

Or Zunecast, whatever it will be called in the future. I dunno, shouldn’t dwell on rumors. Anyway, this time we discuss the price of games, importance of an online component and “Game Systems of the Future”

One of these days I’ll get RSS set up for this, I swear! Enjoy…

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Latest Benheck,Com Podcast (Episode 4)

New Sonic Boom Podcast (Episode 13)

Also on that topic…

Do you or your company have a cool product you’d like featured, reviewed or discussed on The Podcast? Why not send it to us for review? (We’ll even send it back if you want 🙂 We love checking out new games and technology and our listener base is growing – each bi-weekly episode averages around 1000 downloads. Interested in helping us branch out? Email Ben using this link.

Final sub-topic…

After getting various requests over the years I’ve put the plans for my Neo Geo arcade machine on the Downloads page. They’re in AI and PDF.PSD art for the cabinet is included as well.

No instructions are provided, but you should be able to figure it out. Enjoy…