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New and Sonic Boom Podcasts

Have a couple new podcasts for you this week. Both involve next-generation gaming, with the theme of the podcast specifically being “The Console Wars” Which contains predictions you’ll find nowhere else on internet gaming sites. For a unique (and possibly refreshing) view, listen in!

For all of you who visited this site in the last week, hope you’ve enjoyed the stories and makings of. The server had some problems, but now it’s back with more bandwidth than ever. I’m going to come up with a new layout, hopefully better than this temp one, along with some other cool new features. Stay tuned!

Article Links:

Latest Benheck,Com Podcast (Episode 3 – The Console Wars)

Sonic Boom Podcast Episode 10

Sonic Boom Podcast Episode 11

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Yet More Podcasts…

Jones was, well, “Jones’n” to do another podcast, so last Friday we not only recorded a new episode of the podcast, but did a whole new one for Jones’ “Fistful of Reviews” movie site. This new podcast stars Jason Jones and Dale Nauertz and they discuss movie stuff. Well, mostly rip on things in movies they’re sick of (movies about characters “beginning”, superhero films) but it’s still pretty funny, especially the part where Dale asks “Why can’t we get a “Rocky Ends” movie???

Each is around an hour in length and yes, in MP3 format this time. Also look for the “Echoes of the Past” documentary trailer, hopefully later this week.

Article Links: Podcast: Episode 2 (mirror) Podcast: Episode 2 (local copy)

A Fistful of Reviews Inaugural Podcast #1

…and yet another Sonic Boom podcast, of which I am now an official co-host.

Now – a Podcast!

I woke up this morning and thought “I should do a podcast!” I’ve been on several podcasts before but never really thought about doing my own until now. Seemed like a good idea. So I called up Jason Jones, a friend of mine with whom I’ve had countless discussions about videogames and said “Let’s do a podcast… What time is good for you? 4 PM? OK, I can figure out how to record one by then.”

He came over with his SOCOM Navy Seals USB headset and we just went for it. Topics include:

    1) Next generation gaming graphics (why are they so shiny?)

    2) HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray vs What if they both flop?

    3) and The Nintendo Wii (the dissenting view not often seen online)

It runs about 1 hour (slightly more than the 30 minutes I had hoped) but should be a pretty interesting listen for anyone who keeps up with games and technology. We go mostly from a layman’s perspective, that is, what will the mass market think of Blu-Ray, the Wii, etc. Some profanity, but nothing worse than say a PG-13 movie (no F bombs)

Hope it’s not too boring! Please feel free to email me with any feedback or suggestions for future topics. If people enjoy this we’d probably do bi-weekly shows. I found it to be a fun time. Future shows would be a bit more polished with a snazzy intro and stuff like that.

Article Links:

Server 1 Download (mirror)

Server 2 Download (local copy)

Part 2 of my Podcast online and ready!

Here’s part 2 of the interview I did a few weeks ago. The climatic finale! We talk more about Port Washington, HD cameras and do Clint Eastwood impressions if I recall correctly. Check it out at One Man Down Productions! Subscribers to their podcast can even download a bonus conversation with me as I reveal potential new movie ideas.

Thanks for the response thus far for the NES-on-a-chips! Keep in mind I’m after the NOAC integrated circuit itself (the chip), not the joystick game player things that have ROMS on them. The part numbers for these IC is either NT6578 or SH6578, based off manufacturer.