Cheap Radica Genesis Shown Who’s The Boss

Hey, have you seen those Radica Genesis things at Best Buy? It’s your typical cheap game thing… a bunch of Genesis games in a small little fake “Genesis” that takes 4 AA’s and plugs into your TV. Well, it was only $25 so I bought one and ripped it to shreds. Inside I found a circuit board with a cheapy ROM (read-only memory, the game) chip as well as a bunch of other circuitry.

“Wow!” I thought “This is pretty much a really small Genesis. It may be possible to hook up a cartridge connector…”

And guess what – it was! It took some “deductive wire checking” but I got it after a few hours.

(This wasn’t as hard to solder as it may look)

I don’t see why these companies don’t SPLURGE and put cartridge slots on these “TV games” things… though this slot cost me like $10 (new) so maybe that’s why, it’d increase the cost of the TV game thing significantly. The almighty dollar!

Naturally I’m going to make a portable Genesis now. I really like the Genesis, I played it a lot more than the SNES (sorry) In fact I recently hooked my Genesis back up in the living room! Some of you may remember that there WAS a portable Genesis released back in 1995 called the “Nomad”. Granted it was pretty cool but had a few drawbacks:

1) Took like 6 or 8 batteries and the battery pack stuck out the back (Jack!) This should only take 4.
2) Did NOT have an active-matrix TFT display screen (So it was a little blurry)
3) Did NOT have a really cool name like mine will. The Sega EXODUS!

Now, isn’t that cooler than “Nomad”? (And it’ll allow the “making of” story to have Photoshopped Charlton Heston gimmicks) Look for the Sega Exodus AND a new Atari in early January! (And of course they’ll be for sale)

3 thoughts on “Cheap Radica Genesis Shown Who’s The Boss”

  1. Do you have any pinout and/or other data on the Genesis-on-a-chip in this TV game? They’re on sale at Target now for $9.99 and seem lik ethey’d be productive to hack.


  2. The Madden 95 two-player Genesis-in-a-controller is on clearance NOW at Kay-Bee for $2.98, and when I bought it the lady at the register said if you buy one you can get another for half price. I don’t need another, but for $1.50 you’d sure have some inexpensive materials for a hack. I intend to switch in the chip from the Sonic Gold model so I’ll have a portable, two-player-capable Dr. Robotnik / Spinball device. (Sonic on two-player sucks.)

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