Check out my big story in April’s Official Xbox Magazine

Dan Amrich from OXM interviewed me a while back and the issue is now hitting newsstands, or will shortly. I believe this is my largest magazine feature yet at 6 pages!

It was a fun interview and there should be interesting tidbits for interested readers – my possum mask even made it in! Enjoy…

3 thoughts on “Check out my big story in April’s Official Xbox Magazine”

  1. Read the article, that box of controller shells caught my eye. I less-than three dying controllers with vinyl dye, simplest mod possible.

  2. Ben
    Ben reading about your exploits since The 2600 Connection, when I read your article in OXM
    was truly amazed by what you could do. Love those 360 Laptops.

  3. god, great article. i like how it introducts you.

    “But in Verona (“hometown USA,” according to the sign on the edge of town) there lives a guy who defies blandness. He opens the door to a nondescript two-bedroom apartment-the ones where the adorable little bird statues have frozen inside the mailbox-and shakes my hand with a smile, then immediately excuses himself. He dissapears into his basement workshop with a two word explanation: “I’m soldering.”

    sounds about right

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