Come to the Midwest Gaming Classic this weekend in Milwaukee!

Where else can you walk by a car and see this in the passenger seat?

Now while I know a lot of you are going to PAX East, I would like to extend a warm welcome to anyone in the Midwest to come to the 2010 Midwest Gaming Classic.

It is being held at the Sheraton Milwaukee Brookfield Hotel which is on the west-ish side of Milwaukee, right off the interstate. And within range of the MKE airport shuttle. Sweet.

There is all sorts of cool stuff to do including my favorite – loads of free pinball. And arcades too. You can buy all sorts of videogame stuff, hang out with other enthusiasts oh and course… play Bill Paxton Pinball. We’re going to log scores (if you wish) and have a “Best of 4” playoff at the end of each day (via the 4 player mode). Winners will appear on this website and… I dunno… get a signed copy of Possumus Woman or something. has an entire room this year so be sure to come on down and check us out. Saturday we’re doing a live podcast, then on Sunday I’ve got a panel to discuss the creation of my pinball.

See you all there!

8 thoughts on “Come to the Midwest Gaming Classic this weekend in Milwaukee!”

  1. Ben,

    I wish I could be there, especially for BPP. Unfortunately Atlanta doesn’t allow me to get away much. However I WILL take advantage of your podcast. Congrats on the full room for the gaming classic! I’m sure your gadgets and gizmos will wow people over. If BPP is in the cards as far as the podcast goes, I will definitely have a listen. Just point me to a URL!

    Good luck at the expo! I hope the hundreds of players don’t break BPP 🙂

  2. Ha, just walked to school this morning with my 11 yr son, carrying my beloved PET 2001 for his presentation today about the history of computing! Somehow he only wants to program on the PET and C64, much more fun than modern computers…

    nice to see others still cary them around as well 🙂

    greetings from Amsterdam, NL

  3. I’m so happy! I’m going! I can’t wait to see your pinball machine and some of your mods. I’m looking forward to this.

  4. I’ll be demoing an amazing new conversion of Donkey Kong written for the Tandy CoCo 3. It’s arcade perfect.

    That, and playing as much BPP as possible. Oh, and consuming beer, of course.

  5. That would be my car, my PET (ok, CBM, but I wish it was a PET), and Midwest Classic 2009. Check out my tweets from this years show by searching for Midwest Classic on Twitter or my username as deliciousgames . So proud to be featured inadvertently!

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