Download The Lizard of Death!

Since the month is almost done I thought of a great way to blow my unused bandwidth – by allowing people to download my film “Lizard of Death”!

(Note 5-15-05: This link/download was discontinued in October 2004)

I made it back in 2000 just after I built the first Atari portable but before I starting building them en masse. It’s an emulation (not a parody) of a bad 1950’s horror movie, complete with vintage props, cars, costumes and filmed in black & white. We even used a program to add film grain, scratches and reduced the frame rate to 24fps (since it was shot on DV at 30fps)

If you’ve got a hankering for some good MST3K fodder and have a fast internet connection, head over to the Lizard of Death page and go nuts! The file will be available until the bandwidth reaches the month’s limit, then available next month once more unused bandwidth has accumulated. Or perhaps replaced with a different movie…

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