Dum dum da…. The Vagabond 2000

Man, what a pain! For difficulty this rivaled that pesky PS2p I built… though to be fair a lot of it was my own fault. First I routed 50% of the case wrong, then I fried some LED’s, then I toasted and had to replace the TIA, but I finally got it done:


Yes, an amazing spring-loaded flip-up screen! Flip it up and sunlight (or lamplight, candlelight, glowing toxic waste etc…) bounces off a reflector and illuminates the screen. Click it down and the standard white LED’s kick it and light it traditionally. Either way you can’t loose! (Unless you drop it on concrete, then it’s probably doomed)

 This was a feature I envisioned over 4 years ago for a portable Atari but only now did I manage to squirt it out. For the whole story on this things long history and how it was built click here.

One thought on “Dum dum da…. The Vagabond 2000”

  1. Whether the screen pops and close down, I believe you just invented a new screen type!

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