Enjoy a Movie Night with Benheck.com!

You will be unprepared.

Watch “Possumus Man” sort of instantly from your browser or mobile device. Or your PS3, I don’t care.

Yes, by popular request I have uploaded all of my movies to the new server. You can check them out and download by visiting the Movies page.

Watch a movie I made at the age of 19 (and re-edited at 31) with Possumus Man! Shortly after, we made a feature-length adventure movies called – get this – Adventure!

A few years later we popped out a sequel – The Adventurous! In 2000, around the time I made my first portable, I did a 1950’s style movie called Lizard of Death! This is probably still my personal favorite.

Then I spent much of the 00’s making a romantic comedy Port Washington! That movie took such a chunk out of my soul I haven’t watched it since.

Finally, you can see our more recent movies (and the only one in HD and 5.1 surround) Possumus Woman – the sequel nobody asked for but we made anyway.

Pop some popcorn, turn down the lights and enjoy!

10 thoughts on “Enjoy a Movie Night with Benheck.com!”

  1. I just watched Port Washington again the other day. It may have been hell to make, but it’s one awesome movie.
    Do you think you’re going to make another movie before the third Possumus Man? That would be something to look forward to.
    Also, I really enjoy your podcast. I would be very happy if you could get back to at least an every other month release schedule, instead of just twoish a year…

  2. This just made my night! (I’ve wanted to re-watch Possumus Man for a while now)

  3. “Well don’t ya make any money?!”
    “I didn’t answer that question for the IRS, and I’m sure as HELL not going to answer it for you!”

  4. Aside from Possumus Men in 2021, we currently have no films on the horizon. After Port Washington, I refuse to do any complicated movies ever again.

  5. Ben, I have an idea that will give you an Oscar. If you followed through on Mel gibsons nativity story and made a movie of it. And love your movies

  6. Ben, in the future, make a Mel Gibson nativity story movie. And your current movies are very nice

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