Forums undergoing upgrade

Now that we’re on this new server I figured it would be a good time to update our forums to phpBB version 3. We’re working on the conversion and they’ll be a post on this main site here letting you know when you all can get back in there.


15 thoughts on “Forums undergoing upgrade”

  1. aww my first time trying to go to the forums ever and they’re under contruction. what lousy luck.

  2. collinE, don’t worrie. The upgrade is some thing good so just stick around and you’ll see the forum in a little while hopefuly.

  3. Yeah, right when I got home, and went to the site and said they were down and within’ like a min ghosstt told me that the forums were being upgraded to phpbb 3.


  4. Actually our phpBB 3 upgrade had a lot of issues, so we’re now just trying to revert back safely.

    We’ll get there someday, hopefully when there’s less traffic.


  5. Aww… no phpBB 3 this time… 🙁 Today it seems that the forums are back up, but nearly impossible to access.

  6. as cool as the (horribly filmed) still alive video is ITS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE REPLACEMENT FOR THE FORUMS! lol, the combo of flubbed phpbb3 install and UBER traffic made the forums go down in flames

  7. But the server is… STILL ALIVE!

    Hopefully we’ll get them back up tonight, but to be safe, we’re using a pre-botched phpBB3 version of the database. So some posts will be lost.

  8. So the phpbb 3 upgrade was not a HUGE SUCCESS? :c

    What went wrong? Was there a problem upgrading the database contents, or maybe there was some prerequisite that wasn’t installed? And did they tell you why the SQL server was using 90% of the system resources in the first place?

    Sorry about all the recent website troubles; we’ll try to not whine about them anymore. (Or at least cut back… 😉

  9. ok so the forums back up, just how FREAKIN OLD is the version of the DB you uploaded anyway, over a week for sure, didnt bic or somebody make a backup earlier this week?

  10. Well, I asked but never got a response. I didn’t do it on my own because it taxes the server a bit and I didn’t want to mess any upgrading progress up.

    The subdomain is, right now, spitting out a directory listing, and it’s phpbb 2 again. That’s okay. Once everything is back up and running again we can try installing version 3 in its own directory and figure out what’s all ‘botched up’.

    Triton, how old was it? Was it from when the site moved to its own box? At least tell me it was from April… *worried*

  11. Not only have two weeks of updates on the forum been lost but we are getting to a fortnight now without a forum working properly either – It is so completely slow it is unusable, and that is when it works at all at the moment. I am really looking forward to when the forum is up properly again.

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