Ghost Town Documentary Coming

OK I know this may seem completely from left field but I’ve been wanting to do a ghost-related project for several years now. Yes, we’re still working on getting Port Washington done, this project will be filmed shortly thereafter. (Late March)

While the exact location won’t be revealed until we’re actually filming it (to avoid interference) here’s what I can tell you thus far:

1) Project is code-named “PC” It’s documentary style and structured in 3 parts. Getting the idea and going to the location, doing research on the location in nearby towns, and finally, spending a night at the location to record any data or anomalies we can get on tape.

2) Length of the show will be 1-2 hours, depending on how much footage we get. It is a one-shot thing, that is, not a weekly series. The idea is to sell it as a one-shot to any interested media outlet.

3) My principal role is as the cameraman and technical guy. I also came up with some of the ideas for the show’s structure.

4) It is being done by my friends from One Man Down Productions. We’re doing weekly podcasts regarding the status of the project, and will continue this right up until the shoot itself, including a podcast during the shoot. Click here for past and current podcasts regarding “PC”

In the coming weeks I’ll put up a page about this project on my site here as well. In it I will describe some of the custom equipment I’ll be building to assist with the shoot, the cameras we’ll be using, and other technical stuff.

Instead of just copying what other people [who do this sort of thing] have done, our approach is to think about why a ghost might appear on film, or why might a device record strange sounds, and try to use our estimates of that to modify our equipment and increase our chances. Granted, this requires us to make some assumptions about supernatural activity, but we’re basing those off the common occurrences and similarity between reported events.

And don’t worry, I’m still working on videogame related projects as well! However, this too is a project that interests me, and I hope to help make it interesting for others as well.

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