Got an idea for The Ben Heck Show?

We still have some episodes openings in Season 2 for viewer suggested builds. If you have an idea you’d like to see us build – especially if it’s weird, unusual and useful – why not email us and let us know?

You could see your ideas come to life!

98 thoughts on “Got an idea for The Ben Heck Show?”

  1. My friend says he can’t play xbox games because his thumbs are “too twitchy” to control anything with the analog sticks. I was trying to figure out a way to compensate for that with the controller. maybe adjust the spring tension? or make the sticks longer? I have seen lots of add ons that are supposed to make the controller “better” but I was curious what you would do about this.

    Richard Wierenga

  2. Greetings from Germany!

    You probably got that a thousand times by now, but why nur build an uber Tablet (15″ for example)? Simply by “converting” an 15″ Laptop. I often played with the idea and even started planning one but i lack the machinery 😉

    That would be a great build.

  3. I had a couple.
    One is somewhat weird and unusual, but also expensive, dangerous, and not ultra-useful.

  4. How about a “love for nintendo” console, that can use NES, SNES, N64, GBA, and gameboy games, all in one package.

  5. All-in-one Emergency Box to be used at the time of natural disasters. Includes: pcoket tv, radio, light, solar and hand-generated charger for laptop, mobile phone and built-in battery, clock, calender, GPS, termometre, compass, Swiss army knife, and some other lifesavers. Actually this was my project for a really long time but have never had the time to build it due to lots of commission works I take. It’d be nice to see Ben build this with his BenHeck style. Thanks.

  6. a Wii U like Controller with screen for other consoles with hdmi and composite + usb for controller on a sender/reciever box

  7. I’m building an iPod dock out of an Atari 2600 I got from a thrift store. I’m probably about 30% done and I think with Ben’s help I could make it pretty awesome, using the original switches to control the power (on/off), maybe the volume as well. The case already makes for a great speaker system with the speakerholes on the ribbed “lid” =)

  8. not real difficult but I was building a coin pusher, simplistic and all, but it’s fun… I used and ice cream maker motor from goodwill. It works and all not prettiest thing, but it works… I’m a shop teacher and my students love it… I have a ton of pennies that I let them play around with it…

  9. An open-source DIY arduino-based 16-Bit Console with a classic wodden case and games on cartridges!

    The Raspberry Pi would be perfect for that! (1080p video exit for 16-bit play! Oldskool Baby! XD)

  10. Build a portable Famicom complete with the Famicom Disk System. Make it happen, Ben. I believe in you.

  11. Ben Heck, i was wondering if you could make a xbox360slim fit in a large remote control hummer, and set it up with its own screen, and a mini projector. This would make my day. Also you are awesome at what you do. Thanks for your consideration, Will

  12. fully integrated desk. including multiple consoles and high end PC. include monitors too.

  13. greetings

    i was wondering that if you could make a portable ps2 lap top or a ps2 with a 7inch screen and a battery pack under $200.
    it would be great.

    Thank You


  14. How about some kind of in-car entertainment system built on the Raspberry Pi? Maybe a 7-10 inch touch screen, enough storage to hold a fair amount of media files, and a way to tether to a cell phone for connectivity. Surely most if not all of the good would fit in the DIN slot in most automobiles.

  15. I am a member of a RC club in my town. There is no AC power at our air field. I would like to see if anyone is flying at the field. It would be nice to have some sort of way to take a picture of the field (like once a minute) and place it on the clubs web page. Is there a way of taking a cell phone, solar panel and a little circuitry to accomplish this?

  16. Agent “Heck”,

    Your mission, should you choose to accept it:
    Convert a large LCD TV (32″ or bigger) into a general purpose PC:

    1) Interesting Case/Stand Design (ie.: Wall Mounted Picture Frame, Post-Modern, Industrial, etc.).
    2) Retention of as many computer functions as possible.
    3) Unassuming construction (cool tv. THAT’S A COMPUTER, TOO?!?!).
    4) Picture/Video documentation of the project.

    This message will self-post in 5, 4, 3, 2……

  17. how about a waterproof controller for people that have a problem with their hands sweating while playing xbox

  18. I’ll be honest, I want to make a gamecube portable, but every modder I know of says that the disc drive is the hardest part to sort out. I was wondering if it were possible to take the disc drive out completely and replace it with an sd card reader, therefore eliminating the need for discs and this I feel could make the whole portable smaller and better. I’d like to see your take on this idea.

  19. i also lookad at custom laptops and most of them show their monitor cables,
    so developping a reusalbe hinge which supports putting the cable to the monitor throu so possible future laptop designs look cleaner would be cool.

  20. How about having a pinball table design competition with the winning design getting built and the designer gets to help? There are a couple of really good virtual pinball design programs out there (FuturePinball and VirtualPinball being the two that I know of) that are free… It would be really cool to see a virtual pinball table get translated into a real machine, which is opposite of how these programs are usually used!

  21. how about a big, chunky PC gamer “laptop” made primarily with pc components? You know, briefcase size.


    how about a classic boom box/ ipad/ipod mod?

    maybe the cassette door would hide the ipod and the entire center panel would hide the ipad? Both could use the speakers, of course.

  22. I meant to say, big,chunky PC gamer “laptop made primarily with DESKTOP components. My apologies.

  23. Hey. I read about how one guy replaced the broken integrated logic on his autowasher with a 486 pc. I bet you could do better with an arduino. This will let you do super washes, agitate the crap out of it or whatever.

  24. Make a build of how to turn a laptop into a desktop. My laptop battery went out last week and i’d rather have a desktop than spending $150 for a new battery.

  25. Imagine a rainy day while carrying a brand new game console home, or a weeks worth of Hot Pockets, or a large pizza with all your favorite toppings, You rush for the door, when you suddenly realize, Oh No! your keys are buried in your pocket, but you have no hands free to retrieve them! Urgh! The Horror! The agony! Solution: an automatic door unlocker that detects your presence. Look mom No keys!

    Set up a wireless door controller that’s connected to an electronic door strike. the wireless controller sends out pings to electronic key that you carry or wear, that wakes up when it receives the ping and send out a key code reply to unlock the door.

    The TI CC2540 (low power Bluetooth) SoC might be a practical device to implement (has built in 8051 MCU with radio). and the provide a KeyFob with the developers kit.

    Dev Kit in Stock at Newark:

    For the door lock use a electronic door strike (also in stock):

    IDC makea a Zigbee Key Fob:

    Here is a Zigbee SoC Kit from TI, if Bluetooth is too cumbersome:

    For the Low power Key Fob device, you would need to set up a wakeup timer to periodically wake-up the MCU and radio to listen for the ping packet. Unfortunately I did not see a wake-on-radio-receive option. The door controller with grid power can operate continuously sending out ping packets to the Key Fob. Every 30 seconds the timer would wake up the Key Fob MCU and check for pings from the door controller. If nothing is in range it would shutdown the MCU and wake another 30 seconds. Since the Key Fobs also have buttons they could also be used to unlock the door, or perform other actions such as arm an alarm, Turn on/off outside lights. The Key Fob can also be used to automate your presence. perhaps turn on room lights when you enter a room, or send out annoying e-mails to coworkers: “Ben has left the building!” Or “Quick! Make yourself look busy! Ben is coming back!”. Only you Ben, can imagine the full power of the Dark^h^h^h^h wireless side!

    FYI: Some PinBall Theme ideas:
    “The Console Game Pinball”. Targets with various historic game consoles: Pong, Atari 2600, Nitendo, Playstation, X-Box. Put up example game play on a LCD display when you strike the target (Show a short video of pong when you hit the pong target) same for other game console targets. Make structures that match the appearances of consoles and game controllers.

    “The PC Revolution Pinball” Targets with various machines (Apple II, MAC, IBM PCXT, IBM AT, IBM PS/2) and famous people (Woz, Gates, Peter Norton, etc) involved in the PC revolution. Make solenoid bumpers to look like disk platters. Blue screen of death when you lose the ball. /dev/null, or “general failure reading disk” zones. use a magnetic hold soleniod to slow the ball (call it the zone of slow boot up). And various sounds like the old 5.25 floppy boot up, or sound of a dot matrix printer scrolling your score and statistics. To reflect the increase in computing power from the 8088 to today multicore processors, dynamically change the slope. Low slope at the 8088 level, slighter higher slope at the 80286 level, and a high slow at Xeon level. Slope can be set dynamically with a stepper and a acme screw drive. For multicore, release multiple pinballs into play.

  26. ok i have had this idea for awhile not i profitable xbox 360 that can also play ds and gba games and also ps2 and psp games

    so if its possible please try and make one it would be supremely awesome

    so please use my idea thank you mr. heck ^_^

  27. I already posted an idea however I’m a Tech Ed teacher and another Tech Ed teaches an electronics course and wanted to play around with building a pinball machine, but would need a bunch of help… you could be said help… I know unrealistic, but would be really cool for those kids… just saying…

  28. I love seeing you do portable machines out of home consoles, but it would be great to se you do a home console out of a portable system. Sega Game Gear or Atari Lynx would be cool, and even old school brick-version of Game Boy. It would be intresting, on both the technical side as well as on the case modding side, to see what kind of controllers would you make, what kind of main system would you make, how well the sound would work, what all different video-outputs would you make and how well would they work on a old handheld hardware. It would be extremely intresting.

  29. What if u were to combine a psp vita with a nintendo 3ds so that it is mashed up into one case but act as two seperate consoles but still use the same screens and buttons

  30. You should build and organizational system in which you can request parts you need out of bins

  31. Can you make something that corrects the thousands of misspellings that your very creative commenters make? And by very creative commenters I mean uncreative Xbox loving laptop cronies.

    p.s. Guy…really?
    I have something I need to tell you. Are you sitting down? I . . . I don’t know how . . . I’m just going to say it . . . . Guy, you’re not Ben Heckendorn.

  32. A wiimote crammed into a NES zapper would be quite interesting. Not just an extension of the IR sensor into a zapper, but all the buttons etc. as well..

  33. My parents would like to play arcade games they played when they were kids. They are not the best when it comes to new tech, but can handle an iPad. I wanted to take an iCade and add a spinner and trackball to it, so they could play games like Centipede and Tempest.

  34. I think you should make a new XBox 360 Laptop with built in Kinect. Personally, I would like to see it with Arcade controls, you know, two joysticks, 8 buttons, spinner, trackball, so you can play arcade games on your xbox on the go. Also, this could work with the coin operated xbox system to have an xbox 360 coin op arcade machine. Please make this, it would be the best!

  35. Oh, I have another idea, but I’m not sure if it would work. An Xbox 360 Slim and PS3 Slim Laptop. It would play Blu Rays and DVDs so it can play both, seperate on buttons for the different consoles, but maybe you could have other buttons work with both, and all the features from both, in one. I don’t think you would be able to fit Kinect and PlayStation Eye into the one unit, but it would be good if you could. If this isn’t possible you should make a PS3 Laptop with PlayStation Eye built in as well. The camera would be located where a webcam is on a laptop, the top of the screen, and the components inside the laptop next to the usual contents. Please make it.

  36. Yet another idea (i’m full of them). I thought of the PS3 and Xbox 360 Laptop, and now i’m thinking of a combined handheld, a PS Vita and 3DS. It would look like a 3DS, have the 3DS’ top screen, but then the bottom screen would be the Vita’s screen, and have the Vita’s controls, that can work on the 3DS. It would play DS, 3DS and Vita games. Also, you could use the Vita 3G, but you could somehow try and make the 3G work on the 3DS. This would be good for people, because they would only need to carry one handheld with them, instead of two.

  37. I would be willing to pay for custom PS360 Laptop and the 3PS Vita (some names I thought of for the devices)if they work when I have the money, but seeing as it would cost a lot, it might be a while. Thank you for reading my ideas.

  38. Can u build a comsole like the onlive console except with more features. its a hastle to bring the console to ur friends house

  39. The only thing that comes to mind is “remaking” a Nintendo 3DS for ergonomic reasons. Currently, you have the 3DS console itself, the “Circle Pad Pro” attachment (and accompanying wrist strap) for the additional analog slider, the “kick-stand” for playing Kid Icarus: Uprising and a lack of a grip on the extremely small portable (which makes it tough to use with less dexterous hands).

    The Circle Pad Pro causes problems because the device hides the volume control and the WiFi switch, not to mention knocks the screen to the side about a half-inch from centre, and prohibits of the use of an extended battery pack – something the 3DS seems to need if it’s used away from a mains charger for longer than 3 hours (aka most road trips).

    For games which do not use the built in gyroscope and accelerometer for motion control – as well as for games which work best with the unit held flat on a playing surface (like Kid Icarus: Uprising) – the “Kick-stand” (third party or bundled with the game) is used to elevate the unit so it’s at an angle perfect for ergonomic use of the stylus and all of the keys.

    I’m thinking, why not recreate all of the above into the console. retaining the functionality of all of the above, but incorporating it all into a single unit? To give it that added “Ben Heck” touch – make it feel retro by giving it old-school Gameboy or NES stylings? It would probably make for not only a neat project, but a great prize to give away/ebay for charity, too!

  40. How about creating an arduino based weather station with wind, rain, temperature and solar radiation sensors. You could even make it wireless so you could have a heads up display inside or on you smartphone what the weather is outside. Commercial based weather stations of this sort are $500, I’m sure you could build one much better and cheaper.

  41. I have an idea for something similar to your xbox laptop. however, I want to see a TV integrated with the xbox 360 so that the TV’s remote can access the xbox 360 and even have its own custom channel like the AUX or AV channels. The xbox needs to physically be inside the TV too. Can and Will you take this challenge Ben?

  42. I am a musician and I am wanting something unique.There is a project I would like to build but I lack the engineering and programming knowledge. A portable LED control unit capable of supporting up to 200 LED lights. The lights would be triggered by sound intensity as well as frequency. The higher the volume the brighter the display, and higher the frequency the “cooler” color of LED’s to be activated. Of course the lower the volume and frequency the darker the display and the “warmer” the colors. Volume and frequency control would need to be separate but function together. This system would also be able to differentiate and trigger multiple frequencies at once allowing for a vibrate display. Ideally this system would support and control 7c(color) bulbs using a custom control chip and or chips allowing custom modes I.E. flashes, strobes, ribbons, fades, hyper flashes. As well as being fully customizable allowing programming of patterns. Think of a suit of LED’s that turn you into a mobile EQ display capable of complex vibrant patterns based on the music that is input.

    Now the challenge. Make the suit able to function for at least 4 hours. Ideally 8 hours. And on a rechargeable battery(s).
    And of course to make it look very cool.

  43. Hello Ben Heckendorn. I was wondering if you could build a low power surround sound amp to compliment your portable XBOX, PS3, ect… I was thinking it would be cool if it had four to five speakers , a sub-woofer, and could all pack into a ammo can and maybe even run on batteries. (the sub-woofer could be built into the ammo can) Perhaps using a IC chipamps such as the LM386 would allow considerable sound for each channel and have low power consumption. Of course, how to go about dedicating each channel and all that stuff is like black magic. But you are a magician. So there. A long shot but worth a shot.

  44. Oh, the above project would be quite useful for things other than just gaming. It would allow you to watch movies with surround sound, WHILE CAMPING!!!!!! and watching said movie on a portable movie player. Requiring no power cords is a great thing, and with today’s rechargeable battery technology, along with digital voltage regulator technology, as well as solar power becoming so advanced, power cords are hopefully becoming a thing of the past,

  45. Mr Heck Is It Possible To Build An Ultimate Handheld Mobile Game Player??
    You Know One That Runs iOS,Android,Java,Symbian Games etc Maybe With A Few Arcade Classics Too…

  46. I Dunno i was watching your videos all night and i’m a big fan of yours and a long term xbox player. Im in highschool and im about to be a junior i was thinking of maybe a way to turn your xbox 360 portable laptop into an actual laptop as well sort of like a dual boot where you could just push an input button and while still running xbox quickly change into your computer to google something or check facebook. And i was also thinking mounting a screen and xbox onto a fixed position bike and you have to pedal the bike to get your power instead of sitting there growing fatter like i do. Ben you are a stud and id love to meet you some day. reply back if you like thanks man, under mail i put my email if thats what you wanted lol

  47. Make a psp into a iPod touch case/controller threw the charge port

    Possibly mod the main screen on the iPod to be landscape to fit the psp.

    Say goodbye to on screen touch controlls , …. ( but hello tons of sodering )

  48. I know you have made a couple laptops and computers in the past, but if you could do it with a ps2 that would be awesome!

  49. My idea for a show would be home made sensors, easy circuits for making sensors for an arduino.

  50. How about you combine a 3ds with a vita with a ps3 with a 360 with a wii and put a 5TB ssd so you can put all the games ever on there and play them all on one screen with one controller all at the same time? For accessibility, make it controllable with eye movements and facial gestures as well. You could also put a mini fridge on there for beer and when it runs low, automatically send out an order to the local grocer for more. And also give it hydraulic supports so it can move up and down as you play games and blast music out of its 20″ subs. Shrink it all down into about the size of a modern toaster oven would probably be good, maybe a little smaller. I would do it myself but I don’t have a 3d printer or anything so I’m looking forward to seeing it on the next BHS. Thx Ben.

  51. Dear Ben J. Heckendorn,
    This is and will be one of the most important show requests ever. I challenge you to, within 5 episodes or less, build the best, most manly object ever. It should be a triumph in all of gaming and conveince HISTORY. It should be an epic arcade gaming cabinet with all things required on this list. First, it should have a decent size 1080p HDTV. Second, it should have a XBOX 360 with Kinect and Playstation 3 and any other console you can fit in there (the retro-er, the better). Third, it should have cup holders. Fourth, it should have a good way to change between games and game systems. Fifth, it should have good stereo sound. Sixth, it should have great artwork. Seventh, you should design a comfortable, rollable chair to use when not using the Kinect. Eighth, it should be cooled well. Ninth and finally, it should have a MINI FRIDGE. Accomplishing this would make you the third best person ever right behind me and my mom.
    From Camron

  52. Mr. Heck.

    Your Xbox360 Glove is very cool and similar to something I would love to see built, mostly, so I don’t have to write the code.

    I would love to see the accelerometer / arduino set up to send out MIDI signals to control musical instruments. It would have to use some sort of RF to communicate to the musical device. I envision it as something a dancer could wear so the dance could create the music. It would be sweet to make 4, one for each hand, one for each foot and have them drive a variety of instruments.

    It would make for a super cool performance art display. Maybe something for burning man…

  53. I think you should make a pocket projector able to be hooked up to a computer. I want to use this and opencv for a project.

  54. Ben I love your show and being summer is upon us I would love to see you make a cooler boom box. I know others have tried but lets face it they are no Ben Heck.

    I’m thinking it should be water proof have connection for an iPod and use solar power for all or most of it power.
    Should have wheels and be able to be pulled by a woman or teenager. It should also have room for ice and beverages inside which is where most others fail.

    Can’t wait to see you tackle this monster it’s the perfect project for the summer.

  55. You did such a fabulous job on the portable Atari 800 how about a portable 400 with your take the old school membrane keyboard? How about instead of a membrane keyboard you make a glowing acrylic touch sensitive keyboard with an Atari 400 graphic layout?

  56. Make a portable console that can play sega games made for any sega console (sega megadrive,master system etc)

  57. With all the voice control functions of the new android OS update and ios, i think a real, functioning Star Trek Communicator Pin/Badge would be something that could get a kickstarter-type following.
    Bluetooth connection to a smarthphone with microphone and speaker in the badge. (i’m thinking Lilypad arduino)

  58. hye ben great rpi proj ect but i was wondering about a portable laptop gaming system and i’m strugaling to design it i have a samsung RV515 and i was wondering is you could help thanks lamar (UK)

  59. looking for a tut on how to wire vga to composite for an original xbox laptop, every link i come across in the hundreds of forums I find, have dead links, any help would be appriciated.

  60. Love the show. A couple of weeks ago we had an X class solar flare that sparked aurora seen at lower latitudes, as far as Arkansas. I live too far south to see these kinds of events but would like to observe them indirectly. With solar max coming up (I.e., sunspot cycle) next year, I would Like to see you create a project to detect and monitor these events. A magnometer or ionospheric receiver of sort comes to mind. With all these new microprocessor devices (Arduino, Rasberry Pi, etc.) I’m certain you could come up with something spectacular. Thanks!

  61. For a while now I was thinking about a xbox handheld that had a screen slid out between the triggers

  62. So I’ve had this idea for a while so here it goes. Take a wired xbox 360 controller and make it wireless with the use of a wireless controller board, as for a battery I was thinking something along the lines of a small battery pack like from a ps3 controller. As for a charging port, maybe a micro usb port in the small opening where the wire once was.

  63. how about a multi laptop solar powered charger, but not just the usual ones that only charge by v-light, one that powers by a actual light bulb of any sort so that it would be cheaper to charge are laptops

  64. I have been researching on making a n64 to jamma for a project I am working on and need help. I see it done for snes and nes and sega genesis. Would love to have it done by Ben with schematics 🙂 Thanks ! AA

  65. So i have many xbox 360’s laying around an got back to searching to 360 laptops. (big dream of course to have one) But, it occured to me i just acquired a psp go and a netbook. My main concern would be how to hold/play such a thing.(if possible to make it work) I understand the go has bluetooth and wifi but im not sure if you could somehow use a ps3 bluetooth controller with it.

    So I say there is a challenge for you as well as myself if you could complete it!!!
    and keep up the awesome work!

  66. Dear Ben,

    I have been admiring your work & show from Australia for a few weeks now and was working on a project you might also be interested in. I’m off on holidays soon (cruising the South Pacific) and need to set up my cat before I go.

    I’m working on an Arduino that tweets when the cat’s bowl is low on food so my sister-in-law doesn’t have to come to my house every day to check on the cat. I have attached an FSR to the Arduino (well an Arduino clone – EtherTen) which is used as a kind of “scale” to measure the force the empty & full bowl exerts.

    As the current reading approaches a critical level, the bowl tweets to say “Feed me”. I have written the code for most of it so far, but just have to add the tweeting bit. I also have a Fritzing diagram of the circuit.

    The other project I need to do before I go is to hook up my soon-to-arrive Raspberry Pi (Yep from Element 14, YAY!) to some webcams & PIRs. If my house gets broken into (again 🙁 ) while I’m away it can save a copy of the images on the web. Even if they steal the Pi or worse still, smash it, I have their photo (& audio???) for the police.

    Keep up the fantastic work. I love your shows.

  67. I’d love a door fingerprint sacnner so you need to put your finger on a scanner to open the door.

  68. I have a complaint about a certain retro Sony product that’s now more commonly referred to as the PS1, it seems leaving it plugged in makes the system heat up near the power supply port on the bottom and I would like to put a fan on the side of it with a switch so I can keep the fan on while the system is off. Also the motor heats up to the point where the laser will stop reading the game because the motor has slowed down or completely stopped. I would like to put in a better cooler motor and possibly a fan that would be near the original reset switch (I should move the reset switch on the system to allow this). I don’t have that extensive of a background with soldering irons, and I don’t want to do the math to set up the power so it doesn’t damage the system. Can you help?

  69. I had an idea and am not sure if it would work. I dislike the way ps3 controllers show when they are dying (the top LED blinking.) I was wondering if there was a way to put a very tiny lcd screen on the back of the controller showing either a percentage of the batter left or showing a “battery bar” when the battery discharges.

  70. Dear Ben,

    I have a cool idea for a regular soda can with a speaker mounted inside so you can play music but still have a recycled case. It would be cool to see.


  71. I’d love to see a low cost table top virtual pinball build. Using a 19 or 20 inch monitor as the table with a smaller screen for the scoreboard

  72. How about a portable mechanical Bill Paxton pinball?

    How about a portable XBox 360 LCD LED 3D projector?

    How about an Apple II+ laptop with 5 1/4″ floppy drive?

    How about a 29″ 3D touchscreen tabletop tablet for pc gaming?

    How about a 1TFLOP GPUs supercomputer laptop?

    How about a Raspberry Pi pet?

    How about a human metabolism powered smartphone charger?

    How about a portable 4 wall 3D Cave Automatic Virtual Environment?

    How about a Robotron 84 arcade PCB laptop?

  73. I know I’m bumping an old post, but I’ve only just recently found this site and gotten interested in some of your mods.

    I’d like to see you try combining ps3 guts and a z77 motherboard into one bulky laptop-like machine, complete with a single hi-res touchscreen, a touchpad/mouse, and a keyboard.

    I’m also trying to build something like this, and figured I could use an hdmi splitter for the screen, and speakers would connect digitally to ps3 and analog to pc. I’d just hide the wire inside the case

    The ps3 and pc can’t be used at the same time, of course, but I’d like to be able to switch between the two without entirely switching off the device. Maybe some sort of switch connected to the PSU, or maybe two separate PSU’s, or even a battery for the pc portion that charges when the PSU for the ps3 is on. It doesn’t have to do this using software. A hardware solution would be just as nice.

    Keyboard and touchpad/mouse don’t have to work for the ps3, since the PC would be in charge most of the time, but it would be a nice touch. Same goes for touchscreen, since I don’t think Sony actually has drivers that would allow for a touchscreen PS3.

    The basic idea is to stack an i7 touchscreen laptop with no discrete graphics card on top of a ps3, scotch-tape them to each other, and have the ps3 use the laptop’s screen via cable.

    Anyway, what do you think, Mr. Ben Heck?

  74. What would you say to a “LAN room” mod for 4-6 people. It would be a challenge on a budget of $5000 (too low?), could be an interesting den for a gamer home, and would rock my socks. It could be the ultimate geek cave.

  75. Hi,

    You’re awesome!
    I wonder if it is possible to turn the Pysberry Ry into a Digital Signal Processor to use it with an electric guitar for effects. I’ve came across this and it’s interesting but fairly expensive.

  76. Hey Ben,

    I love your show and your builds! Heres one that I’ve been wanting to do and love to see you take and ideas. A large DIY multi-touch screen, either coffee table or wall format, but using an LCD screen. Most projects like this seem to use a projector, which would make the enclosure too large. I’d like to convert a standard LCD to multi-touch, possibly by using IR LEDs and sensors as a grid in an overlay frame, along with an Arduino for processing the coordinations and sending a HID feed back to the PC via USB.

    Thanks Ben!

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