Hand-built Super Nintendo Portable!

If there’s one portable people ask me to build a lot, it’s the Sega Dreamcast. If there’s another system they ask about almost as much, it’s the Super Nintendo.

Well, here ya go! (Click photo for large version with lots of detail)

Some specs on this unit:

  • Runs off 6 AA’s – when using rechargeables the system can charge them itself by plugging in a wall adapter
  • Uses a 5″ PSOne screen
  • STEREO SOUND! Wow, why didn’t I ever make a stereo portable before? It sounds awesome!
  • Not that large – 8.25″ x 5.5″ x 1.25″. I believe this is my thinnest portable yet.
  • Built WITHOUT the aid of computerized cutting equipment, much like how a caveman would have built a portable game system…

For more info and specs on this latest creation of mine, visit the Project 42 page and scroll down to portable #3.

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