Inside an Xbox 360 Jasper

From what I have seen, this is the box to look for.

Slight update for you all… I found another Jasper, this time in a small town Wal-Mart. Same place I found my first Falcon. For those hunting the Jasper, small towns are a good bet because usually Wal-Mart is the only place to buy anything, thus the throughput is higher, thus they get newer units faster.

Seems the Sega Superstars Tennis pack-in labeling is the box to look for. This was a team FDOU, lot #0834X. However unlike the lot #0842X, this units power supply was marked 150W.

175W Falcon PSU on left, 150W Jasper on the right.  Though different they are fairly similar, there wasn’t as much change as between the 203W and 175W versions.

For more pics and details of how you can spot one in a store, check out my article on Engadget.

I still have not seen a 60 gig version of the Jasper. However you can get those 60 gig drive kits for $99, which can turn your Jasper Arcade into a 60 giger for the same cost, plus you’ll get 3 months of Xbox Live. Win-win.

Shouldn’t be rocket science but the Elites seem to be the slowest selling these days and will likely be the last to get Jasperized (new term).

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  1. ben, may I ask you a serious question? How much have you spent on Xbox 360’s alone? Do we need an intermission? Maybe even an intervention…


  2. I just want to know (and i bet a few others would as well) how many 360s have you bought/ owned at one time/ have come into your posesion? and also same question again but replace 360s with consoles. for me 4 (its not many i know i grovel at you level of console owneship)

  3. Hi Ben,

    First, thank you so much for posting this. I’m glad that someone’s taking the time to give us the correct information.

    On the Engadget listing, under the paragraph on how to spot a jasper, there is a picture of the box and a small opening. I’ve seen the small opening on top of the box but never in this location. Can you purchased this from?

  4. Ben, You rock…. that’s all i wanted to say.. Maybe one day… you will come to my house, tell me i rock. and hand me a new 360 portable!

  5. I’m looking to replace my Xbox 360 from launch day (it never three lighted… but it over-heats far too readily), and I just want whatever is the cheapest new Xbox, since I already have my hard drive.

    I was reading something that said the 360 arcade unit doesn’t have HD component capability. Is that true?

    If I buy the cheapest “off the shelf” Xbox, if I already have all the cables from the launch day premium… will I be able to get HD quality out of it?

  6. The Xboxes are all the same. The Arcade doesn’t COME with the HD component cables, but you can certainly plug some in, as well as an HDMI cable.

    I saw some Arcades at Circuit City last night that had the Sonic box, but were a different team. I could not however see inside the window well enough to check for 12.1 amps.


  7. Just thought you all might like to know – went out to help a friend buy a 360 for his son for christmas just the other day, and managed to pick up a PRO Jasper unit. This was in Australia (Melbourne), and the clerk said the shipment had arrived that morning. So they’re definitely out there..

  8. Hmmn, My 360 had the same box, but not the 256Mb or 150w power supply and was made in September, yet it runs way cooler than my friends (confirmed) Falcon….

  9. Finally got around to taking it apart, Its a Falcon (I thought as much), but it makes me wonder why mine runs cool, it wasn’t even that warm on the back after an all night session of Rock band with 3 players.

  10. Thank Ben! I appreciate the help. Almost bought a $300 Xbox, just because the marketing is decidedly unclear (clearly their intent).

  11. I found a xbox 360 with a jasper. in the same arcade version in houston texas, i bought it like a week ago.

  12. Scooped up a Jasper pro model from Dell, no onboard memory like the arcade, (other than hdd that is).

  13. I just bought an elite yesterday at my local Target and it’s a Jasper. We’re about a medium size town but I’m pretty sure it’s a Jasper. The cord from my power supply on my old unit doesn’t fit into the new box.

  14. Some of those bundles are still Falcons.

    Newegg also has Jaspers, so long as you don’t buy the arcade with tennis packaged with it. At the time of this post, it has free shipping as well.

  15. So are the Pro Jasper Units in good supply right now? I already know that the Arcade units seem to be flourishing, but I’m curious if if the Pro units are also.

  16. Any updates on them temperatures. :-X

    I’d love to see someone do a real temperature test.

  17. Is a flashed TH-H943A disc drive compatible with Jasper? Or I need a diffrent one!. Urgent reply Pls.

  18. hey BEN.i got a quick question for u you does the jasper motherboard really run cooler temperatures? also about the bottom mounted memory chips are they smaller also cuz i heard a rumor that those also coused rrod true or not?

  19. someone please help! What is the value of TRANSORB (back to back zener diodes, symbol somewhat like (“””|>|<|""") inside the xbox power supply just adjacent to the AC main connect. It comes in a round disc shape and packed in a rubber cover. Mine has exploded due to some fluctuation in main electric supply.

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