Introducing The Ben Heck Show!

I’m finally able to talk about my next super secret project and you’re the first to hear! I have a new internet TV show called The Ben Heck Show, sponsored by element14 and the first episode will be available next Monday, 9/13.

I’ll be taking your requests for build ideas as well as working on one big project which you’ll soon find out about. has been kind enough to power my show with plenty of tools and components to get all of my builds off the ground, and I’ve been filming every step of the way.

Stay tuned to this space to learn how you can submit ideas for future builds through my upcoming community on launching 9/13 as well. You can register there to get a head start and I’ll let you know when my community page is live this coming Monday.

38 thoughts on “Introducing The Ben Heck Show!”

  1. Awesome news Ben! I can’t wait to watch & submit my idea that I’ve been trying to send you for ages but your email client never works for me for some reason. I’m disabled so I’m hoping that it’s one you may actually want to do. I’m trying to create an account over on element14 but it keeps telling me to enter a code to prevent automatic registration but I see no place to enter it. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

  2. One of my favorite parts is that this is outta’ the midwest. Thanks for following in the grand tradition of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

  3. until Ben is holding up a copy of today’s newspaper, we still don’t know if he is alive or not… that could have all been stock footage. Anyone else notice the reference to the year 2000 and not 2010?

    Hope the show is awesome Ben 😛

  4. This will start here on the internet and soon be syndicated on tv like g4 or the history channel and then maybe on the science channel and lifetime can’t wait.

  5. Actually, it is hosted on Revision3 as one of their shows, but also appears on the element14 site.

    I just used my YouTube channel to show the intro. I am also thinking about doing a new movie in the spring, but not sure what.

  6. OMG Next week is going to be AMAZING. you got the ben heck show, halo reach, new linkin park and kid cudi album, and the IE 9 beta.

  7. Great first show! I’ll continue to watch, for sure!

    I tried to enter the contest for the Xbox and it says your inbox on Element-14 is full. BUMMER!

  8. Ben,

    just an fyi…all the mods you are doing…which are great by the way…will no longer work on the PS3 with the new 3.50 firmware update. I have the access controller and it no longer functions.

  9. Ben,
    Awesome work on the show. I had a random question. In watching the handcrank phone charger episode, I had a question about the resistor you used. It said 10 Ohm, and you are putting 5V through it, so by my calculations you would be having 2.5 Watts of power at the resistor. Not sure what the rating of the resistor you were using there (1/4 watt or 1/2 watt max?) but wouldn’t you need to beef that up to prevent the resistor from burning up?

  10. I really want this cupboard that opens by putting your finger on a finger scanner and it opens to only your fingerprint.

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