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Hello everyone! Just stopping by to drop off the latest updates:

The final audio looping for Port Washington has been done! I’ll edit it into the movie timeline this week while my cases cure. (Multi-tasking!) If the music gets done in time I could have the movie completed in May. Hurray!

The new molds for the Phoenix are curing and should be ready for their first resin test by Monday evening. No paint was used on the original parts, hopefully avoiding the solvent reaction to the silicone rubber problem I had last time. Look for more updates re: this by Tuesday morning. If all goes well I plan to start taking Phoenix orders immediately thereafter.

I don’t know if anyone will care about this, but I plan to start writing a series of articles for my friend’s movie review website. My articles will be about a pastime I have which is to get with friends, grab some beers and rent really bad movies to watch and mock (a la MST3K, which is obscure, yet popular enough, to warrant an acronym) See, I think watching bad movies is more social than watching GOOD ones because everyone is encouraged to join in on the heckling, jeers and Lou Diamond Phillips jokes. Based off our experiences I’ll recommend which crap movies are actually entertainingly bad and hilarious (like Dungeons & Dragons) and which are just boring and bad (for example The Avengers) Maybe it’ll start a whole new pastime in the country! Anyway this’ll be on my friend’s site but I’ll provide links.

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