Midwest Gaming Classic – Day One

Well I’ve arrived at the hotel and it does indeed have free Wi-Fi, rare these days.

Oh and the TV gets the SciFi channel, maybe I’ll be able to catch Battlestar Galactica’s series finale tonight! (instead of having to buy it off the Xbox 360)

Missed Battlestar but who cares – the hotel bar has karaoke! Stayed out a bit too late (ok, bar time) but it was a lot of fun. Parker Dillman, Atari Video Mods guy joined me along with some other people. Did my usual sure-fire Achy Breaky Heart.


Well I am only slightly hungover so I should be good to go! Will be heading to the convention floor soon…

Day 1 is over… wow I am tired. Should eat some food at some point too. Forum members showed off a lot of their mods, pretty impressive stuff.

Tomorrow should be quieter, I’ll probably work on the controller monitor more.

Apparently there is some sort of after-party, guess I’ll check it out after I rest a bit.

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  1. The town I live in has about ten hotels, all of varying prices, and the only one that offers free wi-fi is the $50 per night Motel 6.

    Last year I stayed in a $200 per night hotel, and all they had was hard wired ethernet connections. Had to go to Radio Shack and buy a freaking cable just to use the laptop.


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