My book makes a great gift!

Hey do you have a videogame-loving tinkerer/experimenter/computer nut  on your holiday shopping list? You do? Well then, why not surprise them with a copy of my book “Hacking Videogame Consoles”?

It’ll keep them busy all winter and then in the summer they’ll have a cool portable game system to play on the school bus, airplane or during all those road trips to see the biggest ball of twine in Minnesota. Along the way they’ll learn interesting facts about the systems, refine their soldering and hot-glue techniques and maybe even have a laugh or two.

The only book of its kind in the whole world - maybe even the universe! (Waiting for confirmation from Voyager on that one...)
The “Hacking Videogame Consoles” book.

There’s even a website for the book that contains files, links, updates and tips, plus a forum where people working on the projects can share their information and help each other out.

So why wait? Visit a fine bookseller today and grab yourself a copy. Or order one online if it’s snowing real bad and you’d rather just be cozy with your hot cocoa.  Either way you’ll get a full 553 pages of videogaming goodness to share with a loved one or just use yourself for that manner!

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