New style NES Portable Built! No, really!

Person #1 at water cooler: “Is Ben EVER gonna build another portable? What does he DO all day?”
Person #2: “Have faith, o non-believer! He’ll make something soon!”
Person #3, wasting work time surfing on web: “Fellows! Look over yonder… a NEW PORTABLE!”

Yes, it's large, but so are the cartridges and the screen

Yes, finally after all this time I have built something! One that I’ve wanted to make for quite a while… There’s a catch to this unit, however – I built it WITHOUT A CNC MACHINE!

*gasp*   *gurgle*   HUH? Yes, it’s true. Exactly how I built it will be under wraps for now, but the information will be available in the future so you can make one just like this of your very own!

For a bit more info and pics regarding this unit, check out my Project 42 page. As a parting note for today, I will be making a new portable about every 2-3 weeks for the next few months, so stay tuned!

And for up-to-the-minute portable gaming news and talk, check out our Forums!

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