New Xbox 360 Controller Monitors

I have completed a batch of Xbox 360 controller monitors. These new versions use a PCB motherboard for fast turnaround time. If you think this would be of use for your game development company, please contact me for ordering info. More pics / info below, you can also check out the Sales Page.

Hey, the first game that one of these was used for is coming out soon – Modern Warfare 2! Maybe I’ll get a special thanks in the credits, who knows?

PS3 version prototype should be done in 2-3 weeks, stay tuned for more info.

The controller monitor’s PCB. Has an expansion spot (lower right) where a header can be added to “pin out” the signals. These can be used for external displays, to trigger cameras, add logic, attach a scope, etc.

Basically this unit functions as an analog-to-digital converter for the analog controls (shoulder triggers and sticks), converting them to a 3-stage value: pressed a little, pressed halfway, pressed all the way.

Transistors and buffers isolate the circuitry from the Xbox 360 controller so as to not interfere with the signals being sent to the Xbox itself.

The LED’s mount to the bottom of the PCB to stick out the front (very efficient!)

20 thoughts on “New Xbox 360 Controller Monitors”

  1. Modern Warfare 2 is going to be the bomb, whether or not Mas Effect 2 is good, Modern warfare 2 looks SOO awesome, in fact, I’ll be playing it this time at eGames Expo. Woohoo!

  2. just to let you know the DS3/sixaxis has all of its buttons analoge. all but the start,select,R3,L3 and PSbutton are analoge so you might want to take that into considaration.

  3. @Jimbo – Quantity Quality

    You need look no further than the box office returns for movies like Pirates of the Caribbean 2, Shrek 2, etc. for proof.

  4. I just finished the MW2 campaign (got it early :P) and I can confirm you are in the special thanks list!

  5. Seeing your name in the special thanks in the credits for MW2 made me remember that you made that controller for them, and then it reminded me that I haven’t checked the site in awhile.


    As for MW2, well, they’ve pissed me off pretty bad crippling the PC multiplayer. “The game is not balanced for lean.” And of course, who could forget “No, PC has custom stuff like mouse control, text chat in game, and graphics settings”

    Single player was pretty good, but this game is on my never buy list. Renting it, I can play on 360 (Which, of course, my PC is now equivalent to) and not give them any money for the PC version.

  6. Sorry I dont understand what these do & hoe they help you… can someone please explain… thanks

  7. They are for game developers, they light up as the user presses a button/moves a stick, and, if videotaped along with the screen while testers play, it can help the developers make the game easier to control.

  8. Great Controller monitor… nice tool for game developers. And I don’t see why is everybody comparing MW2 to ME2, they’re both excellent games but they are 2 completely different game genres…

  9. Well that’s odd. I saw and recognised your name in the credits after finishing MW2 PC and went Googling. Nice work!

  10. What about the L3 and R3 buttons? Xbox 360 and PS3 have them. You know, click left thumbstick to crouch etc. Just saying in case you overlooked them. They are tricky little buggers, buttons in disguise as it were.

  11. Never mind my previous comment. I see your “Regarding Controller Monitors” post. Great idea by the way. They should be invaluable for game development companies.

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