Obligatory Update about stuff

Just want to keep everyone posted on the progress of things…

1) Two new portables are being worked on, systems I’ve never done before. One should be… quite interesting should I get the power supply to work. It will shock the world! The other’s more classic.

2) The music for Port Washington is well underway, though it may be delayed til January. Oh well, what’s another month after 4 years?

3) Hopefully I’ll get to help with a documentary involving a haunted ghost town this spring, for a Halloween 2006 release. This is the kind of project I’ve been wanting to do for years, so I’m quite excited. The plan is to shop it around for a possible cable station release – more details to come!

4) I am also working on ideas for a mass-produced version of my NES Micro (but with a different name)

Alright, so stay tuned and hop around the forums if you care to chew the fat with other videogame enthusiasts.

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