Podcast Episode 16 Up and Away

We return to our audio roots with episode 16 of the Benheck.com podcast. Topics this time include the PS3 loosing exclusives to the 360 and “Tech Monopolies of the Ages”, dating back to the 80’s at least. We look at the various monopolies (or near-monopolies) and examine how they were earned.

For a fun mini-game, try and count how many times we say “Welcome to California!” Enjoy…


Oh, regarding the intro contest. We didn’t get as many entries as I would have liked, but one was good enough that I decided to let it win. Since I made the decision very late it’ll appear on the front of the next podcast, but rest assured, it’s coming. If you’re wondering if you won or not, if you haven’t heard from me then it wasn’t it you, sorry.

For Episode 16’s intro in the meantime, it’s a sequel to a classic intro from last year – have fun.

Regarding portable projects, there are some coming up so don’t despair. The 2600 Rev 5.1 is turning out really nice…

6 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 16 Up and Away”

  1. ah good a podcast that i can actually listen to when do we get to see your next 360 laptop and your c64 laptop?

  2. haha virtual arcade tthats the one on the wii60 right? good podcast and its the least biased yet

  3. Ooh, I hope I won! :: does that finger-crossing crap John Williams does at every single Academy Awards ::

  4. Damn, if it was about Vista, I guess that means I didn’t win. =(

    Great show, as usual.

  5. Great job guys! Keep going off the rails, as you put it. I’ll be looking forward to hasta la vista.

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