Podcast Episode 121


Just Parker and Ben this time. In this episode we discuss:

  • Self Driving Cars!
    • Is it the future? Who will it affect first?
    • What pitfalls we foresee.
    • Ridesharing vs public transportation.
    • How badly will automated vehicles screw truck drivers?
  • Is EA competing with itself? Are too many games coming out?
    • Does Apex Legends disrupt other games from their parent company?
    • The new Tomb Raider games compared to Uncharted.
    • Where does Anthem land in all this?
    • Ben’s feelings on the upcoming Battlefield V Battle Royale. (BattleRoyaleField)
  • “New Retro” 8-Bit computers
    • Parker doesn’t understand the appeal.
    • Can nostalgia be manufactured?
    • The sad tale of the Coleco Chameleon.
    • Ben talks The Gigatron and other kits/projects he’d like to build.
    • We discuss what kind of “retro computer” project we’d like to make.


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