Podcast Episode 120


In this episode we discuss:

  • Bird Box – the new Netflix Phenomenon!
    • According to Netflix, ten trillion people watched it. Is this the end of theaters?
    • Things we don’t like about Netflix.
    • Jones comes up with a great name for the non-PG-13 disney streaming service that should exist.
    • Parker pitches us his “amazing” Amazon “movie night box” deal – Ben and Jones give it the Shark Tank treatment.
  • Activision and Bungie divorced!
    • What will become of the child Destiny? AKA Destiny’s Child?
    • We defend mobile games!
    • How Ben really feels about online gaming pundits.
    • Gaming pundits don’t realize how much people love gambling.
    • Ben’s thoughts on Battlefield V.
  • Our appreciation of games that aren’t *too* lengthy to complete.


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