Podcast Episode 102



This month’s topics include:

  • Off-Topic Beginning!
    • But first, Ben and Jones discuss the DC Extended Universe! And what they expect to see from Wonder Woman.
    • Ben complains about Rogue One yet again. Does the rebel who rebels for the rebellion actually rebel at any point in the film?
    • Our ideas for Admiral Ackbar Begins: And Origin Story. Plus does Rule 34 apply to his race?
  • Core Wars! AMD vs Intel, and ATI vs NVIDIA!
    • Jones has used the same CPU since 2010 – how?
    • Are PC upgrades slowing down? Whatever happened to Moore’s Law?
    • Whatever happened to Tiger Direct?
    • Are desktop computers a dying species? Thin clients taking over?
  • Overwatch!
    • Jones and Parker discuss Overwatch and Ben falls asleep.
    • Ben and Jones discuss HDR and 4K Blu-Rays.
  • And of course more movie talk…
    • Discussing Guardians of the Galaxy 2.
    • Jones finally sees Logan!
    • Is Summer 2017 going to be a major movie box office bust?
    • Split / Unbreakable 2: The Breakening


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