Podcast Episode 101 (Or 5 in binary)


Joining us once again is Parker Dillmann from Macrofab!

Topics include:

    • DICE’s Battlefront 2 and Star Wars in general
      • Why Ben and Jones didn’t care for Battlefront (2015), and why Parker likes it.
      • Movie release schedules – is Spring the new Summer?
      • Parker once again tells us that he liked Duke Nukem Forever.
      • Is DLC splitting the community and killing games off too soon? And it is a side effect of games being to cheap?
    • Jones plays the Nintendo Switch!
      • He forgot to taste the cartridge!
      • Parker calls “Breath of the Wild” the worst 3D Zelda ever?
      • We all talk about portable game systems for a while.
      • Why did Nintendo kill off the NES Classic so early? Don’t they like money?
    • Marvel: The Taco Bell of Filmmaking?
      • Why is this sort of bland corporate profit-making better than McDonald’s or Wal-Mart?
      • Is Disney not going to bother with original content like Pirates of the Caribbean in the future?
      • Jones complains about aliens in Star Wars.
      • Abandoned movie sets such as The Fugitive’s Train Wreck.
      • Why movies love CGI and don’t use many practical effects.
    • The Governments / Armies / First Order in The Force Awakens Don’t Make Any Sense.
      • We spend the last 15 minutes of the podcast complaining about this 🙂
      • What Wonder Woman Battlefield 1 content would be like and why it should be made!