Port Washington Site Online

OK now you can check out the official Port Washington website! It’s www.benheck.com/pw

Some items on it aren’t available yet but will come online as the release approaches on April 1st.

For the web premiere versions, I’m using the amazing slow encoding H.264 codec of QuickTime 7. I have created the following:

   378 megs (320×240 resolution) iPod Video. M4V format, stereo AAC audio at 44.100 kHz. Can also be easily adapted for use with Playstation Portable (PSP)

   1.3 gigs 640×480 (Full DV resolution) QuickTime. MP4 format, stereo AAC audio at 44.100 kHz (Requires a fast computer for playback)

   Possible Divx version…

Both versions will be full speed 30 frames-per-second. There will be about 5 different servers hosting the files (thanks guys!) externally of this site. I have also re-encoded the trailer using QuickTime, and it’s now bigger in frame size but only 9 megs. Click the link on the right to watch it.

Note: Due to time limitations with uploading and shipping, these versions are probably the only ones I’ll have time to encode personally. If you’d like to create a different version, such as Divx or WMV, you may do so using one of the files above and your own software. If you host it, send me the link and I’ll include it on the Downloads page.

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