Snag some cheesy merchandise!

At long, long last I have set up a Cafepress store in which curious visitors and fans can order some branded stuff. Click here to have a gander.

Leet coolness beyond measure, to be sure
For those of you tossing and turning at night, worrying that you would never be able to buy a “Get in there!” t-shirt, you’ll be glad to know that the nightmares are over.

We’ll update every so often with new designs as time permits. In other news, should have some cool new projects and stories coming up this week, stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “Snag some cheesy merchandise!”

  1. Cool threads. Can’t imagine you in a trucker hat tho’, Ben. I know I’ve heard “Get in there!” somewhere but I’m afraid you’ll have to remind me where it’s from.

  2. Nice stuff. I was personally hoping for an “I am Andrew Ryan” shirt but I guess 2K might have a problem with that.

  3. Hey!! That’s my phrase!!! I’ve even put it in my code on my scripts and other projects! I should get a free t-shirt, since I did start that ;).

    Love the new server! It’s so fast!

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