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Do you have an idea for a project you’d like to see me build? Well now’s your chance as we’re taking submissions / ideas for a group of projects this summer / early fall! Here’s how it works:

  1. Come up with an awesome project / idea you’d like to see built.
  2. Visit this page to email us your idea.
  3. If chosen, see your project being built in a few months!
  4. Select builds will be donated to the requester, especially in the case of special needs projects.

More details to come… stay tuned to and my Twitter to keep in the loop.

NOTE: Any requests for “all in  one combo systems” will be ignored, so please stop sending those.

45 thoughts on “Submit a Project Idea, See it Built!”

  1. Automatic glue gun stick reloader.
    Beer fetching device.
    Auto flipping burger machine.
    Breakfast making machine.

  2. automatic glue gun would be awesome. it sucks when your near the end of one stick and it wont push thru.

  3. Hmm, beer fetching device. Given enough funds, I’ve always wanted to build a big ol’ robot to do stuff for me. Building the hardware for something like that is the ‘easy’ part though… But before that, I’m going to wire all of the electricity in my house to relays that are controlled by a central computer that will control everything. (And it will never break.)

    Breakfast maker would be pretty cool too. Makes pancake batter, pours exact amount, waits for perfect time, flips perfectly, applies toppings… all before you get up. Curiously useful. I’ll try to think of some myself when I go through another boring day.

  4. Turn a portable game system into something not portable at all, i.e. a Super Game Boy into a Super Game Man.

    Convert an HD DSLR so that it records video onto cassette tapes.

  5. Moviola Says:

    July 2nd, 2010 at 11:39 am
    Turn a portable game system into something not portable at all, i.e. a Super Game Boy into a Super Game Man.

    I like the idea…..

    1) make a PSP/Nintendo DS hook to a HD LCD TV
    2) A complete Sega Genesis system (Genesis, Sega CD and maybe a 32X) into one portable unit
    3) a Timex Sinclair 1000 Laptop (with full keyboard)
    4) A Commodore Amiga Laptop
    5) a Pinball laptop (eveything scaled down to match) (i.e. a small ball bearing for the ball, etc)

  6. Automatic FLESH light. If I had one of those, you could see my house from space with a black light awwww yeeeeeah!!! It could used as an alternative energy source.

  7. What about a computer tower with either a PS3 or an Xbox 360 inside of it or both a PS3 and Xbox 360 together

    inside of the computer tower.

  8. @GojiraGamer

    Not So Good Types:

    All-in-one combo systems (such as a PS3 mixed with a Wii). These requests will go right into the trash, so please don’t bother sending them. I have ZERO INTEREST in this.

  9. It would not be a combo system I just meant that it would be cool to see either system by itself in a big
    computer tower or two sytems in one tower not combine them I would explain better but I am not going to take
    up space on this forum

  10. @ Gus
    Quote: “automatic glue gun would be awesome. it sucks when your near the end of one stick and it wont push thru.”

    Pro-tip: Put the next glue stick in when it gets to that point and it will use the second glue stick to finish pushing out the first!

  11. @ K.J.
    Quote: “Put the next glue stick in when it gets to that point and it will use the second glue stick to finish pushing out the first!” That’s how they get you to buy more

    You should try making Atari Portables that have some sort of link like the LOB64, but obviously not LOB64 because its not a N64. Even if there are not enough pins, I’m sure you could use something else.

  12. This isnt really an all in one, but rather a one in one.

    The 360 is pretty bulky, (and lets not beat around the bush) the slim is still kinda bulky. SO why not make it smaller like trying to put a 360 into, saaaaay, a GameCube. so it really will be an “X-BOX” (ba-doom, crash). but all kidding aside, i think it would be pretty neat if you could stick the 360 hardware into a GameCube. (im not asking for a laptop) just something thats more portable and less bulky.

  13. To be honest, I’m pretty sure from most of the stuff he has posted, he is trying to avoid console-related projects altogether.

  14. I want to be able to hook my dremel router up to my laptop to do some easy computer assisted routing. Invent me one of those.

  15. How about a xbox or playstation controller that is 2 joysticks with the d-pad on top of the left joystick and the abxy/square,circle,triangle,x buttons on top of the right joystick. With the trigger buttons on the front of the joysticks. The thumb sticks would be at the bottom of the joysticks. It would have to have a wire connecting both sticks. I think this would be great for fps games.

  16. make a dualbooting xbox/ps3/wii with mac OSx/windows and linux that would be epic

  17. Does anybody read his requests?

    “NO combo systems.” Or maybe someone’s just trollin’.

  18. How about a laptop dock for a galaxy s phone. With a bluetooth keyboard, and large screen to take advantage of the video out built in the phone so you could have a large screen android laptop. Make the phone dock where the touchpad would be.

    Extra points for using a apple laptop case. Just to rub it in for the apple fans.

  19. make a virtual boy 2010 wearable 3d heltmet. With all the fucus on 3d, hacking some 3d glasses, a 3d able consone and some kind of cool head or belt mounted device would surely rock, where virtual boy simply and limply fell over.

  20. Bjorno’s idea of a pc controlled device to use a dremel to rout sounds great. An x y plotter table capable of lowering and raising the dremel say 24″ square would be great.. i would buy the plans… then we could all make more proffesional looking cases for our projects!!

  21. -A Neon Genesis Evangelion pinball machine
    -Gameboy super micro, like, more smaller than micro.
    -ipod touch inside NDSlite or NDS on top screen, bottom with a gameboy advance
    -Xbox360-mini fridge combo, when you want your system cooler
    -wiimote with integrated motion plus
    -Blu-ray external drive for PC inside a wii case

    -An all-in-one 23 inch TV/Wii or TV/Xbox360 like that computer HP touchsmart i own, really like this idea.

  22. @Guillaume
    Good ideas!
    I think that Ben should make a DS with two somehow synced Ipod touches, or something cool like that.
    The Wiimote Idea is good aswell!
    I would like to see something done with an iPad. They pretty awesome when you get your hands on one! An XBox 360 Slim projec would be good aswell.

    Keep up the good work Ben,

  23. Pretty short project idea here:
    Mod. a LCD screen to take an audio input. Use the audio input to control brightness so that low sound meant a flat response and loud sounds meant saturation. This could be a device for the hearing impaired to give a visual response to sound in games, especially in war games.

  24. Retro-ize something. Like put a PS3 in a PS1 (not PSOne) case.
    My dream idea – put a PC into a PowerMac G5 case. They’re sweet when they work, but they were really flaky.
    Make a wrist computer. Like a big watch.

    Just my ideas.

  25. Perhaps a sort of functional pipboy wrist case for newer touchscreen phones like the evo.

  26. I challenge you to make a handheld that runs not only Genesis games, but also Sega CD and 32X games.
    I was originally going to suggest you making a handheld Sega Saturn, but… well even I know that’s not practical.

  27. I’d like to see a well-implemented Wii gun that actually, you know, works with games. A friend of mine bought me two “Perfect Shot” pistols for my wii so we could play Call of Duty ( I prefer lightgun shooting to a standard gamepad )

    Anyway, turns out that the controls are completely and totally awkward when in the gun. The buttons are all on top, and you need one hand on the nunchuck and the other on the gun, where you can’t reach the reload/inventory/pause/whatever buttons. Half the time I try to reload and end up throwing a grenade at myself.

    I’ve been considering hacking into one of my wiimotes, adding an extension port to the side to break out all the buttons. Otherwise, leave the wiimote stock. Add buttons in accessible positions on the gun, and perhaps even build in the nunchuck controls to the gun as well, so I could shoot two-handed, steer, and access all the buttons without letting go of the grip. Any thoughts?

  28. I have three thoughts.

    Could you take a couple of projectors, small ones, and make a 3D heads up display?

    Could you mod a phone into a wrist watch?

    Could you take a PSP, and give it an actually good screen and a good controller?

  29. I’ve always loved the Atari 5200; yes, even the controllers. Star Raiders was excellent fun. A portable 5200 would be amazing. Given the unecessary size of the console, this would make a nice contrast with the portable version. Also, it would be a terrific challenge to get the controls to work functionally. Imagine the overlays!

  30. How about an xbox laptop-like thing that actually doubles as a laptop instead of just a portable xbox console.

  31. I would like to see a portable 5200, portable Vectrex, portable Saturn, portable C64, and portable XEGS.

  32. Have thought this was very clever and would be highly popular,
    take the 360 controller/chatpad, just like a phone make it into a slider qwerty
    My idea was to remove the rumble motors and then have like a spring activated push button
    so it pops up and then can be pushed back or keep it all slider like on phones and if theres time make a lil touch lcd screen instead of the guide button/start/back

    would love to see this as the chatpad is so bulky and takes up alot of room and the lcd screen like on those awesome harmony remotes.

    your time is appreciated,

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