Super SCART Switcher

Check out my 10 input 1 output electronic SCART switcher:

Quite the item

SCART is a type of plug on TV’s and electronics equipment in Europe. It includes audio, composite video and even RGB signals. This device lets you plug in 10 SCART sources and select which one goes to your TV. Internally it actually uses bus switches to bank the signals, instead of mechanical switches as signal switchers often use.

Frugality gets its revenge on me

Above is a really good example of why it doesn’t always pay to “go cheap” and not have a circuit board professionally made. A few hours of this and $100 for a board starts looking really nice. Oh well, maybe next time!

Are multiple input switchers like this something people would find useful? Let me know your thoughts (maybe I’ll order PCB’s this time)

One thought on “Super SCART Switcher”

  1. I hate to kick a dead horse, but I would really like to see the schematic of this and may possibly think about a pcb purchase

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