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You can now pre-order the Access Controller!

Blue is the new white
Rendering of Access Controller product box. (Click image for large version)

We’re finally close enough in production to start taking pre-orders for the Access Controller. Please click here to visit the eDimensional site and proceed. You’ll also notice a permanent link on the right side of the site that you can use, as well as one for my headset.

The Access Controller is intended as a solution for those who have difficulty using a standard gaming pad because of a physical limitation or other factors. All of the gamepad controls are on one surface, allowing easy access, and the curved bottom and feet lets the user place the unit on their leg or flat surface, removing the issue of having to hold it. On top of this, each of the modules can be placed in any of the 6 slots in the unit, allowing a myriad of configurations to best suit the user and/or specific game.

Description of the 5 modules, shown in a sample configuration.

It has been a long process (a solid year) but I’m glad we’ve finally reached this point, and I’d like to offer my most sincere thanks to Michael Epstein at eDimensional for supporting this idea and bringing it to fruition.