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AMH Debug 5-5-14

Got some feedback from the Allentown show which I’ve worked into the game!

  • When ball gets stuck, game goes into Ball Search (firing everything trying to loosen ball) There is a way to get the ball stuck behind the targets. Normally the game checks for this whenever the targets go up, but if a ball is resting on target edge (which can happen) the game doesn’t know this and thus check didn’t occur. Fixed.
  • Added 2 new flags doorTrap and targetTrap, so the game knows if a ball is purposely stuck in those places during a mode. If a ball is there, game won’t move those spots during a ball search.
  • Enabled ball search when ball is trapped on purpose. Before this would prevent a ball search (since switch constantly triggered) but now a ball search can happen alongside it.
  • Made “halfway” point for targets so they can jostle about and still keep a ball trapped behind.
  • Re-exported Hospital Mode audio to quiet done Dennis Nordman’s booming voice that caused clipping.