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MAGfest 2009

Well I am here at MAGFest now… so yeah… I guess anyone that came can try to find me an say hi.

Looks like my slot is at the same time as the Angry Videogame Nerd, so I guess I have to compete with him. Regardless, should be interesting, there’s arcade machines and beer here, what more do I need?


I did my panel, it went pretty well. Didn’t have to compete directly with Game Nerd which was cool. Lots of fun stories and truths you’ll never find on this site (such as “the Xbox 360 laptop originally was built to advertise our ghost town documentary trailer”) and for some reason I went WAY off topic with my Christian Bale Batman impressions. That’s what you get when you goto a Benheck panel / let your heart win.

Our Sonic Boom podcast panel is at 6 PM, so I hope to go even more off-topic during that.

The party on the top floor of the Hilton with the balcony was awesome, I could see all of DC which I know well from the 50 hours I spent playing Fallout 3. Haven’t seen any super-mutants yet…