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Benheck.com Podcast Episode 99


Almost to 100! It only took us 11 years… Joining us once again is Parker Dillmann from Macrofab!

Topics include:

    • Bill Paxton Tribute
      • His early days. Parker likes him because he’s a Texan.
      • Greatest hits! Our best Bill Paxton impressions!
      • Some of his lesser-known movies, like Traveller and Next of Kin, includes how to spell Traveller.
      • Ben keeps talking about Indian Summer for some reason, and calls Paxton “a progenitor of an archetype”.
    • Battlefield 1 – Best Battlefield since Bad Company 2?
      • Real locations, instead of tunnels and gas factories. Cities feel like actual places, not just corridors.
      • Meaningful destruction and more squad focus.
      • Fewer overpowered vehicles, more infantry action.
      • Satisfying guns in all classes, but game takes about 20 hours of play to become fun. Don’t give up!
    • Ben’s Never Played Mass Effect – Jones / Parker react!
      • Can they convince him to give it a try?
      • How Jones/Parker feel about the original trilogy.
      • Choice Matters, plus great story and characters.
      • Andromeda? Is it Road House in space?
    • Nintendo Switch Week!
      • Is it just a Zelda adapter?
      • Can Nintendo survive another generation without 3rd party?
      • What if Microsoft bought Nintendo?


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