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Benheck.com Podcast Episode 94


We ramble more than usual this month! Topics include:

  • No Man’s Sky / planet math
    • We learn some new number types as we discuss the alleged number of No Man’s Sky planets.
    • Why it would take insane amounts of server space to actually save all 18 quintillion possible planets & custom names.
  • If Ben and Jones ran for president / vice president
    • Pot.
    • A long, boring, discussion about the age of candidates.
    • Our proposed “Irony / Coincidence Mis-use Tax”
  • More PS4 / PS4K Neo news
    • Console market trying to become like cel phones
    • Will it go down in history as a watershed “stupid” idea, like 32X, 5200 and Atari Jaguar?
  • Movie stuff! 
    • Sony’s crappy early 90’s movies, like Hudson Hawk & Hook.
    • Our idea for a crappy network comedy.
    • Ben watches some movie remakes! Why are things called remakes when they aren’t.
    • Jones saw Suicide Squad, and didn’t commit suicide like some reviewers did.
    • Tom Cruise: The Last Movie Star / Samurai Who Will Fight a Mummy
    • GI Joe AKA Live Action Team America
  • Stranger Things, the Right Kind of Reboot
    • A long, boring story about my noise-canceling headphones.
    • What we didn’t like about Super 8.
    • Why people like it more than all the remakes/reboots
    • Emily Blunt & NBC Comedy Action Terrorist Fighters


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