Mod of the week – Multi-platform portable

My mod pick this week is a multi-platform portable built by John Grayson, aka “Bacteria”.

No, it's not a delicious cake, but a super portable!

The deal with this portable is that the controls, screen and battery are “general purpose” and work with any system. Then, to play a specific system, you plug a “module” onto the back, such as a Nintendo 64, or PlayStation.

There’s a good demonstration of this in his video, you can see that and the rest of the project using the link below. Good work John!

Link to Bacteria’s Website

8 thoughts on “Mod of the week – Multi-platform portable”

  1. Absolutely brilliant. Talk about an inspired idea. And the workmanship looks fantastic too. The amount of planning, not to mention soldering, boggles the mind.


  2. just pure dope sauce as i saw in someone elses sig…
    actually really, this concept put into action is an awesome thing.
    great job and keep up the good work!

  3. Hey bacteria, congrats on the first phase. I haven’t come to the forum in a long while, and it seems you’ve made a hell of a lot of progress since then. Nice job man.

  4. Concept: A-
    Ergonomics: D

    Looks like it’d be a pain to play, especially if he added a playstation in there. With the four buttons so low down they’d be uncomfortable to use and a pain in the butt for games requiring the use of both analogue sticks.

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