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Benheck.com Podcast Episode 97


We’re back after missing a month in November 🙁 To make up for this, this final podcast of 2016 is extra-long and has a guest star Parker Dillmann from Macrofab!

You can check out Parker’s own podcast by clicking here.

Our extra-rambling podcast topics today are:

  • Star Wars: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
    • Jones and Parker liked it a lot, Ben didn’t. We argue about the movie’s flaws and merits.
    • What did they change with the reshoots?
    • Would the Empire actually put a data center on a tropical paradise planet? What Star Wars planet might be a better choice?
  • Thoughts on the Movie Going Experience
    • Regular theaters VS Alamo Drafthouse
    • Movie reel splicing.
    • Are the prices too insane for families?
    • Home TV keep getting better and cheaper – how is this affecting theater attendance?
    • Will there ever be new-release movies streamed straight to the home?
    • New services can destroy old ones (Uber)
    • Jones’ family owned a Betamax player – never before heard story!
    • Do Texans really carry guns everywhere?
  • Discussing the Nintendo Switch with a Nintendo fan
    • Jones and Ben are well-known Nintendo critics. For an outside perspective, we discuss the Switch with Parker, who still likes Nintendo.
    • Can it succeed? Will 3rd parties port to it?
    • Should Nintendo just go 3rd party themselves?
    • What videogames could make good movies? (Apparently not Assassin’s Creed…)
    • Jones and Parker try to convince Ben to buy the Mass Effect Trilogy.


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