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Washington Post interview RE Bill Paxton Pinball

Did an interview for their celebrity column, you can check it out below:


Definitely a nice change of pace from the usual interviews I do!

Fear not though – I am working on other,  non-Paxton pay projects, including a new Atari 800 laptop that I hope to make look even more retro than the recent C64 project. There’s other stuff too but I can’t talk about it yet.

Remember you can browse my work and that of the Benheck.com forum members by visiting our Showcase.

Visit the Benheck.com Showcase!

Hey thanks to Skyler Lipthay we have a brand-new section of the Benheck.com site, called “The Showcase”.


The basic idea is that anyone who belongs to our forums can post pictures, specs and How-To’s about their work, all in one convenient place! It uses your same login as the forums, so no need to re-register. New users can sign up on the forums to use the Showcase.

Some other great features:

  • Your work gets shown on a somewhat popular site (mine) that always gets linked to by much more popular ones. It’s all about the synergy, you know.
  • Separate pages for your projects and yourself as a modder. Is your stuff for sale? Tell the world!
  • Proper link titles for when external sites link to your work. Better than directing them to the forums.
  • First “main” image is hosted on my server, making life easier for everyone.
  • Visitors can sort by date, project name, or projects by modder.
  • Stick in additional photos, YouTube videos, whatever. The forum mods monitor new entries to keep everything crisp and clean.
  • Cool, calming colors present a serene viewing experience.

So be sure to check out all the great projects in the Showcase – more are being added everyday, and if you wish, you can add your own! I’m even going to put my stuff on there (one project per day) since it’s easier to navigate than my main blog!