The Atari VCSp’s Birthday!

It was one year ago this week that the original Atari VCSp was completed!

In honor of this momentous occasion, I am offering 2 pre-sales for anyone wishing to purchase a VCSp! That’s right, I am building 2 more units simultaneously and the first 2 people to email me with a definite YES will be able to purchase one! These units will be finished and ready to ship around April 9th.

The cost will be $270 with the trade-in of an old Atari, or $310 without. (These prices include shipping). These are the better, TFT Active Matrix kind. (See VCSp Models page, to right)

Ok! This is gonna be like a radio call-in contest more or less, so fire up your email and let ’em rip! I will accept requests starting at 1 PM on Monday, April the 2nd.

Good luck!

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