The cat’s out of the bag

My first portable was Atari’s first cartridge system and my latest project involves their last:

Do the math

Yes that’s right – an Atari Jaguar portable, the system I said I’d never make. But when a good customer asked for one, how could I say no? The sheer audacity of it alone was worth the time.

I’ve prepared a short “making of” if you care to read it. Don’t worry, I treat the Atari Jaguar with all the respect it deserves!

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Atari Jaguar Portable Making Of Story

2 thoughts on “The cat’s out of the bag”

  1. Hey Ben, just wanted to point out that the link to your story, “Atari Jaguar Portable Making Of Story” on the “The cat’s out of the bag” page was to a local file destination: file:///C:/

    I got to it by fudging with the URL:

    Take care,

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