The Future of Videogames, Part 2!


Could this be the OFFICIAL PSP of the Future?

It’s been two whole years since I bored you all with my first essay about the video gaming future! Since some of you may have recovered by now, it is time to release another salvo! I submit for your enjoyment, “The Future of Videogames, Part 2”  Highlights include:

THRILLS! As I once again rip on Nintendo!

GASPS! As I predict the N-Gage to have its own landfill right next to Atari’s!

SHUDDERS! As the PSP and GBA face off!

CHILLS! As Nintendo and Microsoft blow more money trying to dethrone Sony!

And much, much more! Sorry I’ve been away for awhile, finishing my movie is taking a lot of effort… But anyway, enjoy!

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